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Amaze Balls with a side of Awesome Sauce

September 01, 2015

*It has taken me almost a MONTH to hit post on this blog ~ While it might not seem like much to you referring to myself as an athlete is major to me*

Something totally amazing has happened.

Somewhere along the line of this crazy journey I became.. wait for it… AN ATHLETE!

Nobody is more shocked than I but when the realization hit I had to take some time and contemplate what it was I discovered about myself.

Really what is an athlete?

The trusty dictionary says: a person who is trained in or good at sports, games, or exercises that require physical skill and strength. 

That makes sense.

But, my definition is a touch broader. In my minds eye an athlete is a person who can do stuff. Not always well, but when the crowd says “Let’s go play a game of (insert random sporty thing here)” an athlete can at the very least participate. Someone might be better at it, but an athlete can hold there own and find a way to do what needs to be done and enjoy doing it. Yes, I am an accomplished powerlifter but I still couldn’t wear the athlete title because it was all I could do. I still want excel in powerlifting but I have learned that I want to be able to do more, and for it not to be as difficult as it has been most of my life.

Here is some of the evidence that has lead me to believe that I am an athlete!

Over the last couple of weeks I have;

Worked on this yoga pose thanks to Shauna, it’s amazing where a good attitude and some encouragement can take you!  :


From the Highland Games. This is Lightweight for distance:

With a fairly quick turn around participated on the Q103.1 Triathlon Relay Team doing the swim leg. (Thanks to Caycee I actually managed to get in the water and train for it!)


And along with coaching for the Q103.1 Ladies Wakesurf Nights I will be wake surfing 135K from Vernon to Penticton to raise money for Kids Care, it should take just over 10 hours.



How is this finally happening? Lots of determination and choosing a great attitude on my part and also finding a place and a person that would push me beyond anything I thought I could do and yet at the same time making me feel safe doing it.  Andrew LoCurto at Aspire Health and Performance is leading the charge on not only how I appear physically but how I see myself and what I am capable of.

Turns out it’s a lot of fun. Not easy but immensely satisfying and without a doubt fun.

If you are ready to start the journey to being an athlete I applaud you.  First step make sure your attitude matches your goals, second find someone you trust to help you on your journey!

Good luck!


Kids these days!

September 22, 2014

What a wonderful gift.

I always try to stay positive in life. I daily remind myself that I have a choice of how I view the world, my community, my workplace, my homelife, and myself.  I long ago tossed out my rose coloured glasses but my rose tinted glasses remain. I choose to think the best of people, situations and experiences. I choose to search for a positive, and when I am too blinded by pain to find that positive I hold fast to the belief that whatever this pain is the purpose it serves is for a greater good down the road.

Seeing this attitude reflected back to me from two girls that didn’t seem to know any other way was refreshing and wonderful.

This lovely experience happened during the Q103.1 Ladies Night Surf with Rayburns Marine. Carrie Broughton had won the opportunity to come wake surfing with The Big Breakfast and Rayburns and bring along 4 ladies with her. She choose her daughter, her niece, and life long friend Melody. None of this bunch had surfed before. I geared up for the usually apprehension and slight negative attitude that I often find (even from the most positive people) when they are learning something new.

Well, not that night!

Fabulous Surf CrewIt wasn’t the over the top determination/competitiveness that often masks nerves, it was just a solid positive attitude combined with good spirit and excitement with a tinge of “what have I gotten myself into’ness.”

As we got one of the girls ready to go I ask if she was nervous.. her reply. “Yup! Let’s do this!” Into the water she jumped. No need to teach her the “feel the fear and do it anyway”  mantra she was that philosophy in action.



Another of the young ladies, after toppling into the water and basically having me land on top of her, popped out of the water giving two thumbs up and exclaiming “Did you see that! I was surfing!”

It was pure and utter joy.

As the couple hours we were on the water continued it became very apparent that this attitude was a family trait that also extend to the people they choose to be part of their world.

My job comes with many perks and opportunities to do things that not everybody gets and I love each special moment. That night will always be at the top of my best memories.

Thank you.


Love this quote from Audrey, and love this picture from a great day!

May 25, 2012

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”
― Audrey Hepburn

52NEW ~ Surfing for Smiles Video and final blog. (Update)

September 13, 2011


It’s done!

I wakesurfed the entire length of Okanagan Lake. 135KM. WOW. What a day.

For more information on why I did this and what it’s all about –> CLICK HERE!

I learned a few things along the way.

1. I have an AMAZING husband and sensational friends! Sitting on a boat for 10 hours watching someone else surf requires a great attitude. Scott, Ian, Caycee and my darling Steve were supportive, kind and just wonderful from beginning to end!

2. That getting in and out of a wetsuit while wet in a portapotty isn’t easy.

3. That I don’t have “Moves like Jaggar”

4. That I really can surf, and like many things in life, I have learned, it just takes me a bit longer to warm up, but once I am there, I’m better than good.

5. I REALLY don’t enjoy water going up my nose.

6. I get VERY hypersensitive when tired. At one point anything could of made me cry from the beauty of the mountains, to the joy of having such wonderful friends on the boat. I also became very concerned that I was being terrible self indulgent and doing this for all the wrong reason… I got over that.

7. Saying a prayer while on a wakesurf board cruising down the lake makes you feel just a little closer to God.

8. Wakesurfing in water rough enough to have white caps is a LOT of work, but I can still throw in the rope.

9. I really want to learn how to do a “stall” on the board.

10. I finally get why you see surfers on big board standing straight up with arms down and there backs arched a bit so their belly sticks out.

11. The best thing, I learned that I can make a difference and I will make a difference in other people’s lives. That desire is part of who I am and it feels really good to “make something happen” because I believe it will help make positive change happen in someone’s life. It doesn’t matter to me if they know who made that change possible, it just matters that it is.

Big thank you to everyone who donated and special mention to Rayburns Marine World for use of a Mastercraft XStar to surf behind, The Spotted Spa for taking care of our dogs while we spend a day on the lake, Fresh Air Experience for my nutrition needs and advice, Cayzee in Motion for keeping my body in motion all day, Creative Healing for keeping me aligned,and Ryan Brown my Idol Fit trainer who believes in me and my athletic ability in a way I never have. It wouldn’t of been as amazing without you.

The count is at just over $2500.00 for The Dental Clinic at Kelowna Gospel Mission which is being supported by the 30K Club. To donate and find out more —-> CLICK HERE.

52NEW ~ 2010 Reflection!

January 04, 2011

Life is full of wonderful things!

This week on 52NEW, in honour of the New Year, I am taking the time to reflect back on the past year and the 52 things, people, places or businesses that have impacted my life for the better and forced me to learn new things about myself.

Growth is exhilarating and can often be uncomfortable and disconcerting, but allowing yourself to challenge your skill set on both big and small tasks makes for the biggest change of all leading to a satisfaction with life overall that is second to none.

I still believe that there is a direct connect to your life foundation and attitude towards learning and your satisfaction and success level overall.

Here is my list of the 52NEW things that had an impact on my 2010 to help me solidify my foundation and continued growth into 2011.

Top 3 on my list, Steve aka Mr. Knight, Tinkerbell, and Misty. My family that make me smile day to day. Makes me get out of bed when it seems safer under the covers and believes that I can change the world. Thank you.

Our home at Waterscapes is up next. Silly that our home makes this list, but it truly has been a high point. It was tough getting the real estate deal closed because of the market and more than once I wondered if  it really was a good idea. It was and is. Downtown condo living is fabulous and all I hoped it would be!

No more frozen shoulder! Spots 5,6, and 7 go to Creative Healing. Without my RMT Kyla spotting the problem quickly and calling in my chiropractor Dr. Easterling the recovery process could of been much more frustrating that it was. 2010 saw the end of the pain and mobility returned!

This list wouldn’t be complete without my family. I am going to single out my sister Catherine. Cath and I might not have been super close as kids but somewhere along the line that closeness has developed as adults. I trust her opinion, insight and know I can turn to her no matter how busy her life is and she will be there for me ~ even when she thinks I am crazy!  The highlight in 2010 might have been surprising here in her birthday, when I arrived to the party in a box!

Social Media played a role in 2010 so Facebook and Twitter are in at 9 and 10. I chatted with amazing, interesting, and compelling people whom I never would of had the chance to otherwise and reconnecting with many people I have known both personally and professionally over the years.

I had the opportunity to take counsel with Yvonne Evans in 2010. Her insight has helped me grow into a more confident women possessing more clarity than I thought possible.

Spots 12, 13, 14 go to Idol Fit, Okanagan Naturopathic Healthcare and Aura Beauty who, along with Creative Healing (see number 5,6 and 7) have teamed up with me on my 52NEW Health blog. What a journey we have started!

A shout out to the work crew at Astral Media take up the next couple of spots. Special mentions to Jessica Samuels on AM1150, Andy and TJ at EZRock and of course the entire SUNFM on air crew including Dan, Sonia, Ara and Ian.

Here we are at number 20. Where Kelowna Actors Studio takes the stage. I enjoy so many productions over the year. They put on a wonderful mix of productions using the phenomenal talents of Kelowna!

GirlFriends! Valeh, Melissa, Shelia, Barb, Shawn, Eryn-Faye, Lynda, Alexandra, Aoife, Lindsay, Kerri, Lisa and Stef. Girlfriends? That’s a new one for me. I always said that I seemed to get along with guys better, but upon further reflection it has dawned on me that I have never had a circle of friends, male or female, like I have now.

33 – Eric Frans, the wonderful spouse of my friend Eryn-Faye. Much like his wife a good friend who brought both laughter and insight into my 2010.  He was a guest co-host with me on The Breakfast Club! Here is what he thought of that!

Ellen is at 34. She reminded me to be brave. People seem to think that it is now “cool” to be not political correct. Ellen reminded me to stand up and say stop it when people are hurting others. Even if it makes people think I am uptight.

Wow. Here we are at number 35 already. Which goes to Lake Okanagan and all the joy it brings to my life. 36 goes to my wakesurf board and 37 to my wetsuit. I am a water baby through and through. I seek out water to contemplate and to celebrate making Kelowna the perfect place for me.

38. Carpet Cleaners. As much as our condo got top billing on this list the carpets do not. Really. White carpets? Dear Developers, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Roxi’s Salon. For making me feel beautiful even on the worst of days is at number 39. Everyone needs a pick me up and a reminder that you can sparkle even when not feeling to sparkely. Roxi and the team at Roxi’s Salon knows how to put a smile back in my eyes and a remarkable bounce in my hair. xx

40, 41 and 42 blogs I enjoy. I could do a full list of 52 blogs I love, so please don’t be offended if you are not on mentioned! These are just 3 of the blogs I read regularly in 2010.  DutchblitzHer Bad Mother,  and Ms. Smarty Pants and fabulous boots Squawkfox.

Art is at 43. I don’t mean Art the dude, I mean Art the magic!  From a paintbrush, a camera, molded from clay, created with steel. How ever and where ever it comes from art in all it’s forms will always make a list of things that have an impact on me.

The Kelowna climate is at 44. Hot Summers, sensational shoulder seasons and even if we have a couple freezing weeks in the winter the mild weather with snow on the ground is utter winter perfection.

45, 46 and 47 go to our backyard wildlife.  The Beaver that glares from the lake at Misty and Tink, the deer that share breakfast with us over the fence and of course the heron that calls the bird sanctuary home, you all still my heart and make my breath catch of the wonder we live in and with.

Steve and I love great food and fabulous restaurants! 48 and 49 belong to our favourite! Bouchons Bistro and Mabui. Food, atmosphere, service. They have it all.

50 = Disneyland. Best. Job. Perk. EVER! Going to Disneyland as an adult for the first time, truly was magical!  I can officially say, “I get it!” Disney truly understands all aspects of what they do from marketing to roller coasters. What a rush! Check out my 52NEW Blog on my Princess makeover!

Prepare yourself for this one. Linen. I love linen. Sheets, pillowcases, and comforters.   Different colours, styles and seasons! Perhaps it wouldn’t make your list but at 51 for me: Linen.

52 You! Thank you. You make everyday an adventure, you make me want to be better, you bring me joy. Thank you.

I can’t wait to discover what 52NEW discovery will be coming my way in 2011, thanks for joining me in the journey!