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Amaze Balls with a side of Awesome Sauce

September 01, 2015

*It has taken me almost a MONTH to hit post on this blog ~ While it might not seem like much to you referring to myself as an athlete is major to me*

Something totally amazing has happened.

Somewhere along the line of this crazy journey I became.. wait for it… AN ATHLETE!

Nobody is more shocked than I but when the realization hit I had to take some time and contemplate what it was I discovered about myself.

Really what is an athlete?

The trusty dictionary says: a person who is trained in or good at sports, games, or exercises that require physical skill and strength. 

That makes sense.

But, my definition is a touch broader. In my minds eye an athlete is a person who can do stuff. Not always well, but when the crowd says “Let’s go play a game of (insert random sporty thing here)” an athlete can at the very least participate. Someone might be better at it, but an athlete can hold there own and find a way to do what needs to be done and enjoy doing it. Yes, I am an accomplished powerlifter but I still couldn’t wear the athlete title because it was all I could do. I still want excel in powerlifting but I have learned that I want to be able to do more, and for it not to be as difficult as it has been most of my life.

Here is some of the evidence that has lead me to believe that I am an athlete!

Over the last couple of weeks I have;

Worked on this yoga pose thanks to Shauna, it’s amazing where a good attitude and some encouragement can take you!  :


From the Highland Games. This is Lightweight for distance:

With a fairly quick turn around participated on the Q103.1 Triathlon Relay Team doing the swim leg. (Thanks to Caycee I actually managed to get in the water and train for it!)


And along with coaching for the Q103.1 Ladies Wakesurf Nights I will be wake surfing 135K from Vernon to Penticton to raise money for Kids Care, it should take just over 10 hours.



How is this finally happening? Lots of determination and choosing a great attitude on my part and also finding a place and a person that would push me beyond anything I thought I could do and yet at the same time making me feel safe doing it.  Andrew LoCurto at Aspire Health and Performance is leading the charge on not only how I appear physically but how I see myself and what I am capable of.

Turns out it’s a lot of fun. Not easy but immensely satisfying and without a doubt fun.

If you are ready to start the journey to being an athlete I applaud you.  First step make sure your attitude matches your goals, second find someone you trust to help you on your journey!

Good luck!


Surf4Smiles ~ 135KM for a great cause!

September 10, 2011

So tomorrow is the big day.

What was I thinking?

Answer: I was thinking a few things. This whole idea started because I wanted to celebrate my shift at SUN FM changing from just doing mornings in Kelowna to doing midays which is heard in Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton. The thing all these communities have in common, besides geography is Lake Okanagan. As the wheels in my head spun I came up with a plan to wakesurf the entire length of the lake, I knew it had been water skied and wake boarded,, but I’m pretty sure no one had ever wakesurfed it before! I had this idea back in May, I sat on it as the summer went on and decided it would be perfect to do in September. September happens to be my favourite month in the Okanagan, it’s still summer time hot, the lake is still warm and as much as I love sharing the Okanagan with tourists it’s kind of nice when they pack up and go home leaving the lake free of too many boats!

The wheel continued to turn… if I was going to do this… I didn’t want it to just be for me… so… *BINGO* The 30K Club! I am a founding member of this wonderful arm of the Kelowna Gospel Mission, and I know they have services that can be used and accessed by the entire Okanagan so it only made sense that I tried to garner some support of them! I contact Jessica Samuels who is heading up the 30K Club and asked what they needed! It turns out the The Gospel Mission has an amazing Dental Clinic that helps so many people!! I know that a tooth ache is horrible beyond horrible even when you know you can go to the dentists, imagine if your only option was to deal with the tooth yourself? Just. Awful. Plus a smile can open so many doors, why wouldn’t we make sure that everyone has an opportunity to take care of theirs?

Hence: Surfing For Smiles! 

Let me break it down for you.. Basically I am starting at Paddle Wheel Park in Vernon and Wakesurfing to the dock at the Hooded Merganser in Penticton. The totally distance of the Okanagan Lake is 135KM. I will surf for 50 minutes and stop for 10 to give the legs a break, at lunch I am planning on a slightly longer break. We hope to stop and say Hi to people, pick some people up and drop others off at Lake Okanagan Resort and the Eldorado. We might also have stops in Peachland and Summerland. We estimate it will take about 10 hours to complete this venture!

I set a goal of $10,000 so the dental clinic can get Schick CDR Sensor Digital X-ray which will increase the efficiency of the clinic and allow them to see more patients.. I figure if 100 people or businesses could donate $100.00 we could get it done. This is my Wonderful 100!! I want to thank, Olive and Elle, Picture Perfect and Perpetual Blooms, Funktional, Connects Wireless, WeathLINK Financial Services and Tailblazers Kelowna. 

Big thank you’s also to Fresh Air Experience for the nutrition advice and product, Caycee Zimmerman of “Cayzee in Motion” for taking care of the massage, and of course Ryan Brown of Idol Fit who has been kicking my butt and encouraging me all the way!   I also have to give a special shout out to Scott Mayne and my wonderful husband Steve Weckstrom who will be driving the boat!

Special mention to Sonia Sidhu for her fundraising candy sales and the whole crew at Astral Media for their wonderful support.

Many people have donated online, I can’t access those names to say thank you to everyone in this blog, but know that I do thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Any donation helps. Please help. Just follow the link below:


The media support from Castanet and CHBC has also been great!!  Castanet Story, CHBC Story and check out behind the scenes at the CHBC shoot!

I promise to post a follow up video of my adventures tomorrow. Say a little prayer for me, and a bigger prayer of the clients at the KGM Dental Clinic.

If you are on twitter feel free to add me and follow along: www.twitter.com/susanknight

You can also find me on facebook: www.facebook.com/knightintheday and www.facebook.com/wizzywig

Thanks for all you do 🙂