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It seems like a good idea..

November 26, 2016

It’s happened.

That thing so many of us talks about… What YOU would do if you were the boss.

Holy crap. I’m the boss.

Come the spring I will be the new Program Director at Q103.1 (as long as I don’t do anything too too horrible) This means I am in the process of hiring a new team.



I have said it and agreed with it a quizillion times. The concept that you should hire people smarter than you and be the best manager of their smarts as you can.

Lots of smart people agree with this idea!

As former Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously said “it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

“Hire people who are smarter than you! In doing so, you prevent limiting the organization to the level of your own ability—and you grow the capabilities of your company.” Kauffman reportedly stated before his death. “If you hire people you consider smarter than you, you are more likely to listen to their thoughts and ideas, and this is the best way to expand on your own capabilities and build the strength of your company.”

“Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people … or find a different room.” Michael Dell

“Greatness starts with the humility to hire people who are much smarter than you.”Guy Kawasaki

I will now let you in on a secret. This concept is easy to say, even somewhat easy to do in the hiring process, but day to day managing of that concept I can see being a challenge for someone who has finally stepped into a position they have wanted for years.

Cue maturity. <—- Whatttttttttttttt???

Turns out that I will be a better manager today than I would of been 15 years ago when I first wanted a program directors job, not only because of how much I have learned about radio in the last 15 years, but more so because of how much I have learned about myself and personalities like mine.  15 years ago I liked to talk about managers hiring people “smarter” than they were but I never once thought about what it would mean to hire and manage a team that is smarter than you.. what does that actually look like?

I am about to find out, because that is exactly what I am doing. It is thrilling and terrifying all at the same time.

Stick with me, it’s going to be a fun and sometimes bumpy ride.




Exploding Fishbowls

February 04, 2015

Has your fishbowl ever exploded?

Mine has.

The life of a fish, in a bowl, is pretty simple. Around and around they swim in an environment they are very farmilar with. Do they ever see the world that is just outside? Around and around they go not knowing and often not caring that their paradigm could be shifted at any moment with the collapse of the glass.

A fishbowl explosion is simply when something you held to be true can no longer hold. Your thought pattern and belief system is radically changed, usually for the better.

Michele Helmeczi trained me in Calgary, she is pretty awesome, she often talked about your fishbowl exploding. Michele knew I would be able to back squat over 300lbs (considerable.) She told me this, often and I would smile and nod and be excited and put in the training and never really truly absolutely believe it was going to happen.

Until the day it did. Fishbowl goes #BOOM.   fishbowl

One of the side effects of experiencing an exploding fishbowl is that you become aware that other parts of your soul also live in fishbowls and those fish are very comfortable.

One of my fishbowls is more of an aquarium with two fish. One of those fish doesn’t believe that I will lose the fat I want to and be able to rock the best of Kelowna beach wear, the other fish doesn’t believe I will be able to lift my goals in the smaller weight class.

Understand that big picture I believe, intellectually I get it!  I am putting in the work, I am giving 110% and I am sweating consistently more than I ever have before. Yet, inside that fishbowl that fish is just swimming around and around and around..

Sooner over later that fishbowl is set for detonation.

Once you have identified that you have a fishbowl you take the steps, each step is a tremor and before you know it there is glass and water everywhere.

My fishbowl tremors are starting. So far no cracks in the bowl… but I think it’s getting close.

Take sometime and figure out if you have some fish happily swimming around in a bowl, if you do, decide if it’s time they have a new view!

If that requires some sweat and guidance, join me at Aspire Health and Performance!

Stop Working Out. Start Training.

Dear Kelowna

June 25, 2014

Well hello Kelowna!

I have waited almost a month to write this blog. I wanted to really settle in and try to find the right words. This move to Kelowna is a first for me.

I can hear what some of you are thinking… Ummmm.. Susan, what do you mean.. you lived in Kelowna for almost 7 years.. you were part of a number 1 morning show in Kelowna.. pretty sure you have “done this” before.

You are correct. That isn’t what I mean.

What is new is that in all my moves, this is the first place I have ever moved back to!

I have always been a “keep on moving forward” kinda gal. Sometimes it didn’t work out for me, but forward momentum has always been my friend.  I have always associated a move “back” anywhere as a sign of failure, of not trying hard enough, taking the road of a coward.

Obviously I needed to think about this a bit more because my move “back” to Kelowna didn’t feel like any of things things. What had I missed?

I was not running back with my tail between my legs after not surviving the big city, I was returning with my head held high with stories of the fabulous place I had been, and the realization of the many things I had missed about Kelowna whilst there.

Believe it or not weather isn’t on the top of that list. (The lake was close to the top.)  Kelowna had found it’s way into that piece of my soul that sigh’s ” home…. “

How had that happened? I am a radio nomad! Where ever I hang my hat is home! That is still true. I firmly believe that you can love and prosper where ever you land with the right attitude.


I have circles of friends.

One that has basically become family, the people that truly love me for who I am, welts and all.

One circle of close friends that I don’t need to see or talk to everyday but who have my back and in turn I have theirs no matter what.

One circle that is made up of acquaintances that make me smile on a regular bases and who’s well being I care about even if our paths don’t cross everyday.

One circle of people who listen to me on the radio. This one is tricky, some of these people I have never met. Yet I care. I truly do. I love the stories that are shared with me both happy and sad, I love helping find the lost pet and pass on word about that awesome fundraiser. I love to make you giggle before you hit snooze and roll out of bed. I love knowing that even if we have never spoken in the traditional ways, we communicate everyday and on a very special level we are part of each others lives.

Those circles are strongest for me in Kelowna.

As I made the trip from Calgary to Kelowna and was just driving into the city passing the airport

This came on:


I had to pull over because I was crying so hard. My darling Kelowna, I had no idea that you had set up inside my heart and soul  just waiting for me to come home so you could, say hello, give me a hug and ask about my adventures.


Thank you. xx


P.S. If you want to hang out you can find me up bright and early on Q103 (103.1 on your radio) 5:30 to 10AM. It’s a new address to find me at. I hope you will visit!

Susan Knight Q103


This goes back a bit but one of my favourite guest blogs ever :)

January 04, 2011

Hi, my name is Eric and I was morning show co-host for 2 hours.

Yesterday morning I had the extreme pleasure of sitting in the SUN FM studio and co-hosting the Breakfast Club with Susan Knight. I will never be the same. I, like so many people, completely take for granted my car radio. I do not have satellite radio in my car – possibly because Susan would kill me and make it look like and accident – but mostly because I have that opinion of why would I pay for something I can get for free. FM radio comes standard on a car (at least it does now. I had an AM jam in my car all through high school and was somehow able to survive that and become the man I am today) and all I have to do is start my car and it comes on automatically. In fact, it picks up right where I left off when I turned it off last – I don’t even have to touch that dial. Volume is even in the same place – at least it is supposed to be. Somehow it is always WAY louder when I turn the car on than I remember it being when I turned it off…

Anyway, I was that spoiled listener who simply assumed that my morning show would always be there for me when I took my daughter to school and drove to work – it has to be. It’s easy! I even through that being a DJ was the coolest job in the world for 2 very important reasons: 1) everyone knows you and loves you – you are on radio for goodness sake, and 2) because it is the easiest job in the world. When I was a kid it might have been hard cause they had to actually spin records – although my record player at home could hold like five or six 45s at a time and drop them one at a time, and I could do that when I was 7, so really how hard could it be? BUT NOW!!!! They have CD’s and MP3’s and itunes and all kinds of stuff. Computers can run it all!! DJ’s just have to push some buttons and be loved by everyone.

Turns out I might have been a smidge off base – which is surprising since my wife will tell that I am never wrong. I walked into that studio like a kid in a candy store and then sat wide eyed as I realized that Susan was watching 4 computer monitors on her right that showed her EVERYTHING that was going on currently and would happen during the course of the show. THEN, she had a fifth monitor on her left. She had a control panel in front of her that had more buttons than my grandmother’s sewing kit and more lights than my Christmas tree. Oh, and she was updating the station’s twitter feed and their Facebook page, as well as HER twitter feed and Facebook page. She was answering phones and while she talked to them she was simultaneously recording the call and then when she hung up she would edit the recording into a timed playback so she could incorporate that into the show. She was talking with me, both on air and off, AND running a live auction of a sweet little cooking class for 4 with wine pairings from RauDZ Regional Table with proceeds going to Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. That item when for a tidy $950 dollars by the way – which translates into over 450 meals being provided by the Mission to those in need in Kelowna.

She did all this on one cup of coffee at the proverbial butt crack of dawn too. Oh, and there was math involved all morning…I was under the impression that there would be no math.

To be honest, I may never listen to the radio the same way again. From now on I will turn my radio off as I get out of the car. I will do this so that in the mornings, I can get into my car, put my seatbelt on, start the car, and then – with the appropriate amount of reverence – turn my radio on and be amazed at the incredible amount of work and talent that goes into making my face smile and my head bob on the way to work.

Susan, I can never thank you enough for what you do for Kelowna’s Gospel Mission and the people of Kelowna. Nor can I ever thank you enough for the privilege of being shown how very wrong I was…though you are pretty much universally loved – so I was right on that. 1 outta 2 ain’t bad. That’s shooting .500 and that will make the all-star team in any sport!


Eric Frans, CFRE

Turkey Tale

October 09, 2010

Turkey Time!

Do you remember the first Thanksgiving dinner you put together?

Like that first big job interview, a first date or first kiss, those first turkey attempts can be seared (or roasted) into your memory forever.

The big bird has the ability to bring out the best, worst and feathered brain in us all.

One of my most memorable bird experiences took place in the northern Ontario city of Sudbury. We had a tiny apartment on the top of a big hill, just under the water tower where in the still of the night we could hear the voices of the miners working far far far below us traveling through the rock.

High end it wasn’t, character building it was!

As a radio announcer we often have to work the holidays that others enjoy so it means many of my coworkers are far from home and pondering if KFC might be a viably alternative for Thanksgiving dinner.

I invited them all over to our house for a traditional “orphans” Thanksgiving dinner.

At final count we were looking at about 10 people plus us. So I did some research for the size of the bird: 2lbs a person was the final verdict. So at 12 people it was a 24lb bird give or take, and it was 2lbs to every 1kg, so I would be looking for a 48kg bird.  Off to the grocery store I went to get my bird.

Did I mention that it was the afternoon BEFORE Thanksgiving?

Yup time was tight, but I had faith I would find my bird, and I did! It was odd, I picked up that big bird and was surprised at how heavy it was.  I double check the weight and came to a brilliant conclusion:

The bird just felt heavier because it was FROZEN!

Home I went, I checked how long it would take to cook, did the math and figured we would be cutting it close! Now because the bird was SO big I would have to thaw it in the bathtub.  I promptly named the turkey Alexander (because he was going to taste great) and warned my roommate not to plan to bathe.

The next day, as it was getting close to cooking time, I was doing the math over and over; how long was this going to take? At this point I realized that dinner might be late, and again realized that that the bird seem REALLY big. I transferred it from the tub to the kitchen and once again marveled at the weight, and realized it was no longer frozen, so my original hypothesis was shot out of the water.

How big was this…

I checked the label again. OH NO. No wonder this bird was still available to buy at such late notice, I had bought a turkey big enough to feed my guests, and the miners whose voices we could hear late into the night.

My math had been off and my memory flawed.

Aw well, this just meant turkey left overs would be around for a while. The turkey was stuffed and put SHOVED into the oven. The table was set, the side dishes prepared and guests arrived.

Out came the bird!  Out came the stuffing!  Out came A BAG OF GIBLETS???

What? Back up the turkey bus, where had those come from?  After years of reflection I have figured out that the bird was still pretty frozen when but into the oven, when I had stuffed the bird and put my hand into the cavity I didn’t actually reach the back of the bird, but a wall of ice, that I thought was the birds end. Therefore I had never found the bag of giblets.

I also figured out that I had over cooked that bird by at least a solid 90 minutes, but due to the fact I didn’t have the oven hot enough and that it was essentially still frozen solid, It was the moistest bird we had ever had.

I have been part of many wonderful Thanksgiving dinners since that Sudbury Saturday night more than 15 years ago, and have many turkey tales I could share, but that story will forever hold a special place in my laughter.

I hope you have a “turkey tale” to tell and if you don’t yet, I hope you one day will.

Perfect Thanksgiving dinners are wonderful, but the joy comes from the fire alarms, exploding gravy, too big birds, and emergency fast food trips, that make us “thankful” on Thanksgiving that we have people to share these stories with.

From my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!