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Exploding Fishbowls

February 04, 2015

Has your fishbowl ever exploded?

Mine has.

The life of a fish, in a bowl, is pretty simple. Around and around they swim in an environment they are very farmilar with. Do they ever see the world that is just outside? Around and around they go not knowing and often not caring that their paradigm could be shifted at any moment with the collapse of the glass.

A fishbowl explosion is simply when something you held to be true can no longer hold. Your thought pattern and belief system is radically changed, usually for the better.

Michele Helmeczi trained me in Calgary, she is pretty awesome, she often talked about your fishbowl exploding. Michele knew I would be able to back squat over 300lbs (considerable.) She told me this, often and I would smile and nod and be excited and put in the training and never really truly absolutely believe it was going to happen.

Until the day it did. Fishbowl goes #BOOM.   fishbowl

One of the side effects of experiencing an exploding fishbowl is that you become aware that other parts of your soul also live in fishbowls and those fish are very comfortable.

One of my fishbowls is more of an aquarium with two fish. One of those fish doesn’t believe that I will lose the fat I want to and be able to rock the best of Kelowna beach wear, the other fish doesn’t believe I will be able to lift my goals in the smaller weight class.

Understand that big picture I believe, intellectually I get it!  I am putting in the work, I am giving 110% and I am sweating consistently more than I ever have before. Yet, inside that fishbowl that fish is just swimming around and around and around..

Sooner over later that fishbowl is set for detonation.

Once you have identified that you have a fishbowl you take the steps, each step is a tremor and before you know it there is glass and water everywhere.

My fishbowl tremors are starting. So far no cracks in the bowl… but I think it’s getting close.

Take sometime and figure out if you have some fish happily swimming around in a bowl, if you do, decide if it’s time they have a new view!

If that requires some sweat and guidance, join me at Aspire Health and Performance!

Stop Working Out. Start Training.

7 things I like about me!

January 28, 2015

Sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to keep on track, when that happens I go through the list!

The list of things I’m looking forward to once I get back into shape again!

The 7 things I like about… ME when I am rockin’ the body I want.

#1. Catching a glimpse of myself in a store window and slowing down as I realize that cutie in the refection is me! Yes, totally vain.. but I am looking forward to it


#2. Picking up heavy things. #HulkSmash. Deadlifting makes me very happy. I also enjoy the ability to carry all the groceries, pick up the couch and perhaps even lift a car off the ground.  Oh, setting national records in powerlifting also rocked my world.


#3. Shopping anywhere ~ Almost. Powerlifting does lead to fabulous hamstrings, quads and buttocks which can make finding proper fitting pants a chore but the ability to basically shop anywhere and find something in my size is delightful.


#4. Boom Boom ~ Strong, flexible great cardio? Look out husband Steve!


#5. Dancing without feeling my body create it’s own gravitational pull. I jest. Sort of. When I am carrying extra weight that isn’t muscle sometimes it seems to have a life of it’s own! When you start to move it can get ahead of you and before you know it moves you, and sometimes pieces of clothing in unexpected ways.


#6. THIS bathing suit. #Boomchickawawa That was 9 years ago, and the smallest I have been as an adult. This was before powerlifting, so zilch muscle.. It will be interesting to see how it looks when I drop into the weight class I want to compete in with the extra muscle!


#7. Eat whatever I want and not getting the “look.” Ugh. It makes me so mad. If you carry extra weight there are people that look at you with complete horror if you are putting anything other than a sweet potato, poached fish or a lettuce leaf in your mouth.


Understand I am a big believer in loving the body you have in the moment and living life to the fullest, but I made a deal to be truthful in this blog while I am on this journey and those 7 things do motivate me to keep a positive attitude that gives 110%.

Join me at Aspire Health and Performance! They have all sorts of different levels of training.. something for every budget and goal. I would love to see you there.. if you see me training come say hi.. even if I am muttering obscenities.. 😉  Stop Working Out. Start Training.

… and just for fun.. do you remember these 7 things?



14/365 is not an acceptable score on an exam, it shouldn’t be for your health

January 14, 2015

How are you doing with your New Year Resolution?

Six of the top 15 resolutions are health-related which include to stop drinking, eat healthier, stop smoking, improve overall health, exercise more and lose weight.

“Experts” tell us that by January 14th many of our resolutions will be gone. *POOF* back to habits and lost in routines that are hard to change in the hectic lives we lead.

That is a tough statistic.

Here we are at January 14th.

I have set some health goals for 2015 and I can feel the pull of old habits and routines calling my name, so I reached out for some help (for all of us) I asked Andrew LoCurto who is training me out of Aspire Health and Performance for a little motivation to keep us all on track. Here is what he said:

“For all of those out there thinking about adjusting their timetable to eliminate or change their training routine. Stop!!! Things always get hard before they get easier, training is no different. At one point, this meant something to you, find that someone or emotion that had you fired up January 1st, rekindle that passion and keep the routine. The first two weeks is your body just getting used to the new you! 14/365 is not an acceptable score on an exam, it shouldn’t be for your health.” 

Take a moment and let that sink in. 


I will be repeating that in the back of my head more than once! Perhaps it will help keep you on track as well. 2015 can be the year we hit all our goals, let’s do this!

If you are interested in finding out more about where I train just check out Aspire Health and Performance! You can also find them on FB — HERE 🙂 See you soon!

Workout Wednesday ~ Nothing but snow

January 07, 2015

Workout Wednesday 

A new feature where we highlight some of the great things in the fitness industry and my training as I work towards being a competitive powerlifter again. 

Did you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you had to shovel.. and shovel .. and shovel during what felt like a never ending snow storm?

You are not alone and as the snow stopped and the temperature rose the shovelling continued!

Have you heard the term Heart Attack Snow? You might want to read more about it.. you can find a good article ~ HERE

For many (myself included) this was way more exercise in one sitting than had been done in awhile. Good on you for getting it done, but getting out of bed, doing up your shoes or sitting down might be a bit of chore for the next couple days as your muscles let out a collective O*&^GH^% at your behaviour.

Best plan for recovery besides the couch and an adult bevy.. pop a couple anti inflammatories and stretch.

I hate stretching. I truly do. I get bored and annoyed within seconds but truth is, it works.

I popped into Aspire Health and Performance where I have started my training to get back into powerlifting again to find 3 stretches to share with you that should make a difference.

Andrew LoCurto is my trainer, I asked him to demo 3 stretches that should do the trick.

I call this one: The Melting Snowman

This one: Andrew the Awkward Snow Angel

This one: The Snowball Thrust

Here is a great article with some solid tips on snow shovelling, which hopefully you will NOT need again this year in Kelowna.  HERE

I sure hope this helps!! Next Wednesday I will share with you how my training lead me to being trapped in a change room at The Bay in an incredibly embarrassing situation.

Seriously. Pure. Panic.

For more information on Andrew and the crew please click here: Aspire Health and Performance ~ Stop Working Out. Start training. 

New Year Resolution. It’s a good one!

January 03, 2015

New Year, the time of resolutions and life changes! There are a million blogs on how you can keep them, what they should or shouldn’t be and why they are a good idea or bad. I will leave those debates to others.

I often have used the New Year to kick my butt into gear to do some of the little things that linger on my :to do “list. Often I find I am successful, examples include wearing ear rings everyday, drinking more water and taking better care of my nails.

On New Years day I saw the usually list of status updates with well intended resolutions and as I scrolled through them I came across this status update from my wonderful smarty pants friend Lisa Garvey.

“I don’t normally do New Year’s resolutions, but this year one just fell into place. For 2015 I’m determined to live a Schrödinger’s Cat kind of life. I want to enjoy life like I could die tomorrow and simultaneously take care of myself like I’m going to live forever. Be both carefree and careful. I want to find that balance that will lead to my best life.”

BOOM. Best. Resolution. EVER!

“Enjoy life like I could die tomorrow and simultaneously take care of myself like I’m going to live forever.”

That will be written down and put on the fridge or perhaps the bathroom mirror as a reminder everyday of a great way to look at day to day life!

Perhaps you will enjoy the idea as much as I did. Happy New Year!



Dear Kelowna

June 25, 2014

Well hello Kelowna!

I have waited almost a month to write this blog. I wanted to really settle in and try to find the right words. This move to Kelowna is a first for me.

I can hear what some of you are thinking… Ummmm.. Susan, what do you mean.. you lived in Kelowna for almost 7 years.. you were part of a number 1 morning show in Kelowna.. pretty sure you have “done this” before.

You are correct. That isn’t what I mean.

What is new is that in all my moves, this is the first place I have ever moved back to!

I have always been a “keep on moving forward” kinda gal. Sometimes it didn’t work out for me, but forward momentum has always been my friend.  I have always associated a move “back” anywhere as a sign of failure, of not trying hard enough, taking the road of a coward.

Obviously I needed to think about this a bit more because my move “back” to Kelowna didn’t feel like any of things things. What had I missed?

I was not running back with my tail between my legs after not surviving the big city, I was returning with my head held high with stories of the fabulous place I had been, and the realization of the many things I had missed about Kelowna whilst there.

Believe it or not weather isn’t on the top of that list. (The lake was close to the top.)  Kelowna had found it’s way into that piece of my soul that sigh’s ” home…. “

How had that happened? I am a radio nomad! Where ever I hang my hat is home! That is still true. I firmly believe that you can love and prosper where ever you land with the right attitude.


I have circles of friends.

One that has basically become family, the people that truly love me for who I am, welts and all.

One circle of close friends that I don’t need to see or talk to everyday but who have my back and in turn I have theirs no matter what.

One circle that is made up of acquaintances that make me smile on a regular bases and who’s well being I care about even if our paths don’t cross everyday.

One circle of people who listen to me on the radio. This one is tricky, some of these people I have never met. Yet I care. I truly do. I love the stories that are shared with me both happy and sad, I love helping find the lost pet and pass on word about that awesome fundraiser. I love to make you giggle before you hit snooze and roll out of bed. I love knowing that even if we have never spoken in the traditional ways, we communicate everyday and on a very special level we are part of each others lives.

Those circles are strongest for me in Kelowna.

As I made the trip from Calgary to Kelowna and was just driving into the city passing the airport

This came on:


I had to pull over because I was crying so hard. My darling Kelowna, I had no idea that you had set up inside my heart and soul  just waiting for me to come home so you could, say hello, give me a hug and ask about my adventures.


Thank you. xx


P.S. If you want to hang out you can find me up bright and early on Q103 (103.1 on your radio) 5:30 to 10AM. It’s a new address to find me at. I hope you will visit!

Susan Knight Q103