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Sprott Shaw Graduation 2015 address

June 19, 2015

Thank you…

I was honoured and flattered when I received the invitation to be with you tonight.

A group of people who have chosen professions that will touch and change lives. Nursing, Health Care assistants, community support workers social services, Admin assistants, business management, medical office assistants, legal administrators –  all of you will be making someone’s life easier,  smoother and in some cases safer. For some of you it will be in situations where they won’t be able to say thank you. So let me take a moment now and say Thank you. Thank you, for taking the time to get educated in a role that will make a difference in our community.

Tonight you sit at the end of the beginning.

So much growth, time, dedication and education passed to get you to this night.  Such an exciting time as you step into your next role, begin a new chapter and embrace your future. What wisdom can I offer?  I may have a nugget or two to pass along.

The grown up in me wants to remind you to never spend more than you make and no matter what buy contents insurance.

But more importantly I want you to:

Howl at the moon.  While it is fun to throw back your head and let a howl loose that’s not exactly what I mean.  I want you to embrace your passions and share that enthusiasm with the people around you. The fearless abandoned that still has great intent that is exemplified in a wolf howl at the full moon. Hold that spirit inside you and let it rip daily as you step forward into your next adventure.

Grow YOU. Already you have come so far after making the decision to pursue a career and get the required education here at Sprott Shaw. Know that the YOU of today is not the YOU of tomorrow and that is okay. You are special, you are on fire and you have learned so much, but the road ahead of you will continue to mould you along the way. Your foundation is strong which means it’s time to stretch. Listen to your mentors, listen to your peers, listen to the person that drives you crazy – and grow.

The most exciting thing about the end of the beginning is that it is the beginning of the middle.

Choose today how you are going to walk through your professional life. Will you be posting on facebook about what a pain in the butt Monday’s are and how you can’t wait till Friday?  Or will Monday’s be a day, while perhaps not easy to roll out of bed, will still be met with joy for the work week ahead because this is what you trained for  and what you choose.

If the time comes that your feet stop hitting the floor with enthusiasm for the day or week ahead remember you can choose to grow YOU. Make a change and embrace a new adventure ahead, your success here at Sprott Shaw has already taught you that your capacity to learn is more than enough.

Crappy things are going to happen; divorce, job loss, health issues, it will be hard and frustrating. Those moments can define you. Again choose to grow you. Reframe your world and find a way. Somewhere in the dark I promise there will be a light. If you can’t find that light, find someone with a lighter.. or at least a flashlight to help you find the way.

One of the great things about education, no matter what course you are in, is that it opens you to the concept that someone with great skill or knowledge is available to pass that information on to you. Please know the same goes for day to day life and no matter how proficient you become there is always someone that can teach you something that will make life easier for you.

Asking for help, more tools in the toolbox, and support is never a bad idea.

So remember:

Don’t spend more then you make

Always have insurance

Howl at the Moon

Grow you

Choose your outlook

And find a flashlight

One last thing to carry with you..  as Walk The Moon likes to remind us.. sometimes; you just need to Shut up and dance.



February 11, 2015


We talk about it a lot. I have dug deep the last couple weeks because of the hardest training sessions EVER.

I have pushed hard in the gym before, I can think of a certain Russian program that regularly brought me to my knees.

These days at Aspire Health and Performance I have to use every little thing I learned from that experience to not slide out of the gym on a pile of sweat while no one is looking. First problem with this plan is that Andrew is always looking.


The man has eyes in the back of his head!

I have never sweat as much as I do with my latest training sessions, I am tackling some new moves, muscles and attitudes. I remind myself over and over that I can do this. The two things that help me the most as I hit that wall where everything inside is telling me to stop is:

#1. A reminder that I can do anything for 15 seconds ( I remind myself again when the next 15 seconds arrives)

#2. That I trust my trainer and he wouldn’t have me doing something that I could not do.

I know trust Andrew to push me as hard as I need pushing and that he will be there to pick me up if I need it, or stop me if I push too hard too fast. This free’s up space in my brain to fight off the relentless urge to stop.

I find much of the so called “motivation” online rather un-motivating.  It just feels like superficial phrases set on unrealistic pictures.  The other day I had a horrible picture of myself emceeing an event posted online, someone had the audacity to say to me, “well that should be great motivation to stick to it a the gym.”  Are you KIDDING ME?!? One look at that picture and all I wanted to do was toss in the towel and head for the first fast food drive-thu I could find.

Sanity prevailed and that didn’t happen, but I thought I would share with you some of the motivational things that have helped me.

Off the top, check out the write up on A Navy Seal explaining 8 secrets to grit and resilience. So much of this rang true!




This campaign has been making a splash in the UK. I love all the body shapes and sizes represented, moving and shaking, jumping and diving.. The snap of the bathing suit in the beginning is perfection!

 Just for some added reflection, click HERE for a blog I wrote after reading the words

“motivation is for the weak.”

If you are contemplating some sort of fitness journey, no matter where you are at on the road, I encourage you to find your own motivation and use it whenever needed.. and remember it doesn’t matter how anyone else feels about what works for you.. because it’s for you!

Join me at Aspire Health and Performance. Stop Working Out. Start Training.

Motivation is for the weak

February 18, 2014

“MotivationMotivation is for the weak.

I read that delightful statement on someone’s facebook status last week. My first response involved enough eye rolling for my husband to ask what I was reading.  The statement stayed with me for another day or two and was murmured by my sub conscious enough that I sat down and had a little think about it.

Motivation is for the weak.

For me it had a ring of truth. Off and on over the years I have done what people call “motivational” speaking. The title never sat well with me because I didn’t want to motivated the unmotivated, I always want to help direct the already motivated. To be someone’s motivation is a huge responsibility and one that I have never felt comfortable with, too much room to seriously disappoint someone!

Motivation is for the weak.

Still something was troubling me because that statement felt so wrong. What was I missing? Where does motivation truly come from? Motivation comes from our weakness. It is our weakness of body or soul that motivates us to move on, pick up, grow, change and pursue what we want, if what we want is more than that perceived weakness.  Weakness is not really a negative or positive trait.  We choose if we want to change a weakness or focus on a positive. Sometimes the answer is a bit of both, it all depends on where we are in our journey. A weakness is just that; a weakness. We give it power, weakness doesn’t give or take from who we are. It just is.

All motivation comes from weakness.

That sits better with me, but again the thought isn’t complete. We live in a time where we are inundated with pictures and messages, often together. People turn to “fitspiration” for motivation. External motivation from a source that might not even represent the truth of what is achievable.  You can read more about that from REEMBODY, also from Everyday Feminism and Beauty Redefined.

As I ponder all these thoughts I scroll past a post that reads: I am my motivation.

That rings true!  I AM MY MOTIVATION!

It takes the arrogance out of “motivation is for the weak” acknowledges that we all need motivation but speaks the truth because the best motivation can only come from one place, from within you. Sometimes we just have to dig a bit deeper to find it.