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That’s my girl!

November 29, 2016

My first full time job in radio came just after my graduation at Fanshawe College. There was a few of us in line for the gig, but I succeeded and the job was mine! It wasn’t until later I discovered that part of the reason I got that job was because I was female and there was a mandate at the time for a more equal work place.

That wasn’t the best discovery ever.

Lots of doubt followed, but I determined that I would work three times as hard to “get up to speed” and make sure I didn’t disappoint the people who took a chance on me. (You know who you are!)

My journey hasn’t been without bumps but I hit my stride; and yet have never really lost that feeling I need to “get up to speed” or let down the people who first believed in me. That insecruity has been part of what has driven my success.

Over the past couple months we have been building the new team at Q103.1 and I made a fabulous discovery as the resumes and audio crossed my desk.

We have come a long way baby!



We had a strong selection of men to consider, but the women! Different sounds, characters and levels of experience, but so much talent! It has been a joy and privilege to listen to so many broadcasters that won’t be hire to help create balance in the work place based on their sex along with a base level of talent. Nope.. these ladies SHINE with creativity, talent and strength. We now have enough wagons to circle and we are. Women are building each other up and pushing each other to new levels of success.

I salut the women who came before me that lit the path in the time when it was toughest. I am just one of the women that are reaping the benifits from the work you put in. I am thrilled by the women I see that will benefit from the doors I have played a role in breaking down.

Is there still a “glass ceiling?” Do we still walk out of meeting dominate by ties and wonder if we are taken as seriously as we should be? On the odd occasion are we still called dear and asked to grab the coffee? Do women still gather and are mystified by decisions made by men on what the female demo will like? Do we still get labeled overly-emotional and/or a bitch when it’s better described as passion and leadership?

You bet. (Seriously even the being called dear and asking to do a coffee run) 

But, more and more men are joining us in the bafflement over sexist behaviour or at the very least are willing to consider that past attitudes might need adjustment. It is an exciting time in radio.

Keep it up ladies, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to witness what’s to come.




I lift heavy…for a person.

August 21, 2013

I follow a bunch of athlete’s on instagram, one of which appears pretty hard core, (Bobby Ashhurst) today he posted a picture that said.. “Better sore than sorry” and “deadlift, because somewhere a girl is warming up with your max weight.”

Are you kidding me?

Here is the conversation that followed:

susanknight: Because somewhere a girl is warming up with your max? You get how insulting that is to women lifters.. right?
laxjustin: How is that insulting to women lifters? If anything it makes them look better…
susanknight: Why should it be motivational that a “girl” is warming up with your max? Shouldn’t it just be that “someone” is warming up with your max?
bobbyashhurst:  you’re taking it way too serious. The best female lifter, although impressive, will never out lift the best male lifters. That’s just a genetic advantage men have. Just like women can endure more pain, in general, then men.
susanknight: Yup. You are correct when talking about the best. Please just keep in mind that if you have female lifter friends, even if they don’t say anything, after awhile those cracks start to grate a bit.

I love how he added the “in general” about the pain but not about the lifting. My point here is using a specific group to define something to be “not as good” is just plain rude, and for someone that appears to want to motivate people it goes beyond rude and can not only be demotivating but also sets a horrible example for expectations in the gym and how men and women should look at there accomplishments.

I train at The Athlete Factory with Michele Helmeczi, next to me in those squat racks along with weekend warriors and people working on general fitness are Olympic swimmers and skiers, world class rugby players and elite level hockey, football, basketball and soccer players. NOT ONCE have I felt any disrespect, NOT ONCE have I heard “for a girl,”  NOT ONCE was it pointed out that I wouldn’t lift as heavy because I was lacking a penis.

I have been RESPECTED.

Those athletes and trainers have stood by me and cheered while I tested lifts. They spot me when needed with NO judgy comment about if I make the lift or not. Not once have I ever heard.. that’s heavy.. for a girl. I get respect for what I am lifting because I am lifting it.  I put in the work, I put in the time, I fought with my head and I made those muscles strong. I have cried as I walked out the door and I have also high fived my way out the door.. none of that was due to my sex.  I will say straight up that I have been frustrated while working on my bench because the guys seem to be able to lift so much more so much faster, and we had the male vs female muscle talk.

Powerlifting is about you and the iron. Period. I love the records I hold in powerlifting and I strive to hold on to them and set a few more, in the process of doing that I will out lift other people. Am I motivated because someone can lift more then me?


I am motivated simply because I can lift more tomorrow with hard work then I did today. I don’t need to be motivated by someone else’s achievements male or female. I can admire them, they can let me know it is possible, but the motivator for me is simply.. that I can.

I am a strong but over thinking over emotional girl that doesn’t always feel that she fits into the powerlifting world or the sports world at all. I guess I should change that to “I was” until I found a place that I belonged. Who knew it would be with some of the best athletes in the world?

If you are motivated to lift more because a “girl” is warming up with your max weight, it is time to rethink a few things and perhaps consider how some of the women lifters who are working just as hard as you might feel about a statement like that.



Looking for how to avoid embarrassment in a micro mini and found so much more…

May 29, 2012

I was doing some research looking for a stylist to talk to on air when I have fashion thoughts and questions and was checking out Kim Flanagan, she seems to be pretty awesome.. I haven’t talked with her yet but was clicking through her website and found this:

… reading Kelly Kutrone’s,“If You Have To Cry, Take It Outside.” (working on bringing her here…) and it confirmed the idea of Church my Style, It was crazy. Crazy awesome. Here’s why: Quote from the book.

“I’m asking you to start the church of you. I want you to refuse to pray or play at places that won’t let you speak or where your gender has no power. Or, fine, if you really have to go to these places, go with the intention of transforming them. I want you to fearlessly pursue your dreams and your destiny, conscious that you are not what you do, listening to your inner voice, refusing to let superficial things define you, asking yourself the hard questions about what you believe and what will serve, fighting the fears in your own mind, and finally, loving other women in the process.”

WOW. Just. WOW. I will say it again. WOW. That passage really resonated with me. Maybe it will for you to. I’ve got your back sister, go for it!