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Why yes, that is mascara running down my cheeks. #HAWT

October 28, 2015

I’m back at Aspire!!

Remember how your Mom always said to male sure you didn’t “over due it” when you were recovering from being sick, otherwise it would take twice as long to get better?

Mom was right. That sound you just heard was my Mother where ever she is high 5’ing all her friends.


I was sick September 21st and honestly haven’t been 100% until this past week!!  Mostly because I kept trying to push things and get back into Aspire and work .. and life at the pace I am accustomed to.

Seriously bad call; and I kept getting knocked back into bed.

I am out the other side now! 5 pounds heavier but happy to be moving forward.

I pounded out a solid hour on the bike the other day. It was following a very busy day at work with a quick video shoot.. which I got all dolled up for (hello mascara and lip gloss) which I forgot I had on.

The sweat was pouring off me as I gave all I had on that bike. Yup. I became THAT girl.


I was wondering why everyone kept looking at me strangely. I burst into crazed laughter when I walked into the change room and happened to look into the mirror.  Le sigh. So here is the lesson.. that girl with the make up running down her face.. might be totally unaware of what is happening and is just trying to get her sweat on. Be kind. 😉

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When good hair goes bad!

June 03, 2015

I seem to have a bit of a love hate relationship with box jumps.

They kill me.

I look graceful as a wart hog in a tutu determined to dance swan lake.

It sure ain’t pretty – but it is so much fun!

I have already written about some basic box jump confusion – For A Thigh Clapping Good Time

But this week things took a turn for a dramatic when my own body attacked!!

I am in the process of doing 50 box jumps ( not super high – 12 inches) when I start to get a stabbing pain in my eye!


A myriad of things go through my exhausted brain. Nerve pain? Perhaps I am jarring my eyeball with every heavy footed landing? Should I stop? Should I seek help? Is my eyeball going to fall out? What is going on!?!

Turns out; It’s my pony tail. I kid you not.

It took me 2 more jumps to evaluate and figure out.

With every jump my pony tail was flipping over my head and the ends of my hair were stabbing me in my eyeball.

Obviously the answer was clear.

I needed to invest in goggles for my next set of box jumps. Luckily I had some in my gym bag!

Okay… or I could just adjust my pony tail into that strange pineapple shaped thing that us long haired folk do at the gym when we mean business. 😉

pineapple hair


Problem solved!

A quick shout out today to Torri Gej who encouraged me to keep posting my adventures at Aspire Health and Performance as it is helping her keep her butt in gear as well! Thanks Torri! Also a big high five to #HusbandSteve and Lisa Breland who have been tackling the Aspire Training Camps on Monday evenings! They are just weeks away from starting the next set if you want to join them!



For a thigh clapping good time

April 22, 2015

I promised a frank account of my experiences getting back into the shape I want to be in.

Some of it isn’t pretty but it is pretty funny.

thigh clap

That little cartoon always made me giggle, but I never thought it actually happens. I know we have all felt like it was about to happen… but to actually happen?? Nooooo…

Training leads to all sorts of fun body sounds. Pops, snaps, cracks and the classic Pfffffffft…

Try not to let it freak you out, anyone who has spend anytime moving their body, never mid pushing it to extremes, has experienced an unexpected soundtrack. Gym etiquette says you either ignore what has happened and those around you will do the same, or acknowledge it with a laugh.. and move on.

Trust me, as a powerlifter, max lift day can create a virtual symphony.

Back to the thigh clap.

I am innocently enough pushing through box jumps when I hear a strange sound. I ignore it and move on. I am working hard, really hard, I hear it again! Perhaps Andrew is just cheering me on. He can be very encouraging, but that didn’t seem right. The sounds continues. With every jump I hear the usual thud of my feet, scream of my lungs, and gasp of wonderment that I am still upright and not lying injured on the floor. Yet.. something is different.

OMG. The momentum and effort was causing my THIGHS TO CLAP TOGETHER.

In my earlier years this delightful experience would of led to tears, shame and horror.

Happily I am older and wiser.

First I clarified with trainer Andrew that I was indeed hearing this sound.

I was.

Following that I clarify that he isn’t traumatized.

He wasn’t.

Cue the laughter ~ and more box jumps.

Ready to start the journey for a healthier you?

Stop Working Out. Start Training. Join me at Aspire Health and Performance.


BTW: Never google thigh clap.. just don’t do it.

Susan vs a Troll Doll

April 02, 2015

I promised a blog full of reality as I worked towards my health goals. Seriously, I appreciate all the healthy smiley people on fitness blogs but sometimes you just want to know you are not alone when it hurts, not alone when you have sweat in places you didn’t know could produce sweat, not alone when you wonder if you are going to be able to keep going!

The answer is; you are not alone, at the very least, you have moi!

Sweat face vs Troll

That sweaty face is only 20 minutes into a 60 meeting training session at Aspire Health and Performance, and as pointed out by a friend, does bear a resemblance to a troll doll. The comparison made me laugh, which I appreciated, and really that shade of blue hair might be fun one day.

If you are feeling out of place and uncomfortable in your journey, or the fear of that is holding you back, please understand that you are not alone. I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of people at the gym, climbing the mountain or doing any athletic thing have felt the exact same way. I hope that thought helps you get through the struggle. It does help me.

If you are keeping track of the food you are eating, always a good idea when getting on the right track health wise (the more data the better) I would suggest using an app, this one is simple and easy to use — > My Food Journal

Need any extra support? Feel free to leave a message below and we can work together to stay on track!


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Sometimes it isn’t pretty

February 26, 2015

I post this picture for everyone that is training and gets annoyed that their sweat isn’t glistening like dew in the morning.

Sometimes, it isn’t pretty.


I have friends that regularly post pictures of themselves working out and somehow they always look fabulous. We don’t often see those beginning pictures, at least not until their is an “after” picture to go with it…  which is another pet peeve you can read about — > HERE.

So to everyone that is at the start of the journey I want you to know that your before picture is beautiful, it highlights all the fabulous things about you. Courage, sense of humour, determination, and zest for life. Truly that is as sexy as it gets. I love that you are doing this!

Someone requested that I include more photo’s and videos in this blog; consider it done! If I can make you more comfortable getting your sweat on then so be it!

P.S. When I feel like people are watching me and I get self conscious, it’s usually a sign that I can train harder… because when I am working full out I have no room to care. Although I do admit I hate it when the shorts ride down and the shirt rides up, but we can’t be perfect all the time!

Thinking about becoming a sweaty mess with the rest of us? Join my adventure at Aspire Health and Performance. Stop Working Out. Start Training.


P.S.S. Welcome to newbies Stefan and Lisa, it great to see you at Aspire! 




February 11, 2015


We talk about it a lot. I have dug deep the last couple weeks because of the hardest training sessions EVER.

I have pushed hard in the gym before, I can think of a certain Russian program that regularly brought me to my knees.

These days at Aspire Health and Performance I have to use every little thing I learned from that experience to not slide out of the gym on a pile of sweat while no one is looking. First problem with this plan is that Andrew is always looking.


The man has eyes in the back of his head!

I have never sweat as much as I do with my latest training sessions, I am tackling some new moves, muscles and attitudes. I remind myself over and over that I can do this. The two things that help me the most as I hit that wall where everything inside is telling me to stop is:

#1. A reminder that I can do anything for 15 seconds ( I remind myself again when the next 15 seconds arrives)

#2. That I trust my trainer and he wouldn’t have me doing something that I could not do.

I know trust Andrew to push me as hard as I need pushing and that he will be there to pick me up if I need it, or stop me if I push too hard too fast. This free’s up space in my brain to fight off the relentless urge to stop.

I find much of the so called “motivation” online rather un-motivating.  It just feels like superficial phrases set on unrealistic pictures.  The other day I had a horrible picture of myself emceeing an event posted online, someone had the audacity to say to me, “well that should be great motivation to stick to it a the gym.”  Are you KIDDING ME?!? One look at that picture and all I wanted to do was toss in the towel and head for the first fast food drive-thu I could find.

Sanity prevailed and that didn’t happen, but I thought I would share with you some of the motivational things that have helped me.

Off the top, check out the write up on A Navy Seal explaining 8 secrets to grit and resilience. So much of this rang true!




This campaign has been making a splash in the UK. I love all the body shapes and sizes represented, moving and shaking, jumping and diving.. The snap of the bathing suit in the beginning is perfection!

 Just for some added reflection, click HERE for a blog I wrote after reading the words

“motivation is for the weak.”

If you are contemplating some sort of fitness journey, no matter where you are at on the road, I encourage you to find your own motivation and use it whenever needed.. and remember it doesn’t matter how anyone else feels about what works for you.. because it’s for you!

Join me at Aspire Health and Performance. Stop Working Out. Start Training.

14/365 is not an acceptable score on an exam, it shouldn’t be for your health

January 14, 2015

How are you doing with your New Year Resolution?

Six of the top 15 resolutions are health-related which include to stop drinking, eat healthier, stop smoking, improve overall health, exercise more and lose weight.

“Experts” tell us that by January 14th many of our resolutions will be gone. *POOF* back to habits and lost in routines that are hard to change in the hectic lives we lead.

That is a tough statistic.

Here we are at January 14th.

I have set some health goals for 2015 and I can feel the pull of old habits and routines calling my name, so I reached out for some help (for all of us) I asked Andrew LoCurto who is training me out of Aspire Health and Performance for a little motivation to keep us all on track. Here is what he said:

“For all of those out there thinking about adjusting their timetable to eliminate or change their training routine. Stop!!! Things always get hard before they get easier, training is no different. At one point, this meant something to you, find that someone or emotion that had you fired up January 1st, rekindle that passion and keep the routine. The first two weeks is your body just getting used to the new you! 14/365 is not an acceptable score on an exam, it shouldn’t be for your health.” 

Take a moment and let that sink in. 


I will be repeating that in the back of my head more than once! Perhaps it will help keep you on track as well. 2015 can be the year we hit all our goals, let’s do this!

If you are interested in finding out more about where I train just check out Aspire Health and Performance! You can also find them on FB — HERE 🙂 See you soon!