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That’s my girl!

November 29, 2016

My first full time job in radio came just after my graduation at Fanshawe College. There was a few of us in line for the gig, but I succeeded and the job was mine! It wasn’t until later I discovered that part of the reason I got that job was because I was female and there was a mandate at the time for a more equal work place.

That wasn’t the best discovery ever.

Lots of doubt followed, but I determined that I would work three times as hard to “get up to speed” and make sure I didn’t disappoint the people who took a chance on me. (You know who you are!)

My journey hasn’t been without bumps but I hit my stride; and yet have never really lost that feeling I need to “get up to speed” or let down the people who first believed in me. That insecruity has been part of what has driven my success.

Over the past couple months we have been building the new team at Q103.1 and I made a fabulous discovery as the resumes and audio crossed my desk.

We have come a long way baby!



We had a strong selection of men to consider, but the women! Different sounds, characters and levels of experience, but so much talent! It has been a joy and privilege to listen to so many broadcasters that won’t be hire to help create balance in the work place based on their sex along with a base level of talent. Nope.. these ladies SHINE with creativity, talent and strength. We now have enough wagons to circle and we are. Women are building each other up and pushing each other to new levels of success.

I salut the women who came before me that lit the path in the time when it was toughest. I am just one of the women that are reaping the benifits from the work you put in. I am thrilled by the women I see that will benefit from the doors I have played a role in breaking down.

Is there still a “glass ceiling?” Do we still walk out of meeting dominate by ties and wonder if we are taken as seriously as we should be? On the odd occasion are we still called dear and asked to grab the coffee? Do women still gather and are mystified by decisions made by men on what the female demo will like? Do we still get labeled overly-emotional and/or a bitch when it’s better described as passion and leadership?

You bet. (Seriously even the being called dear and asking to do a coffee run) 

But, more and more men are joining us in the bafflement over sexist behaviour or at the very least are willing to consider that past attitudes might need adjustment. It is an exciting time in radio.

Keep it up ladies, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to witness what’s to come.




Surfing For Smiles 2015 The Day After

September 14, 2015

It’s the next day and I have a wake surf hangover.

I hurt. I am tired.

I am so very very happy!

Fund-raising for Surfing For Smiles 2015 in support of Kids Care will wrap up at the end of September.

When that happens I will post a full video more pictures and an extensive list of thank you’s!

Right now I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has been there from the beginning!

Kevin Isabey and Rayburns Marine, Alexandra and Lake Okanagan Reality, Kate and Posh Jewelry, the team at Aspire Health and Performance, my partner in crime at Q103.1 John Stone and of course my partner in love Steve Weckstrom!

We have reached the initially goal of $10,000 and are hoping that by the end of the month we will be closer to $15,000!

The wonderful people at Bijou Skin Health Care are donating partial proceeds of all treatments and product until the end of the month and the Kelowna JCI’s are holding the Foot Golf open on September 25th which will be a blast!!

You can also still donate on line (yes you will get a tax receipt) just text: SURF to 250-868-1031 for the link.. or click —> HERE

Here I am arriving in Penticton after 8 and a half hours behind the boat!



Sprott Shaw Graduation 2015 address

June 19, 2015–EjV7mQ

Thank you…

I was honoured and flattered when I received the invitation to be with you tonight.

A group of people who have chosen professions that will touch and change lives. Nursing, Health Care assistants, community support workers social services, Admin assistants, business management, medical office assistants, legal administrators –  all of you will be making someone’s life easier,  smoother and in some cases safer. For some of you it will be in situations where they won’t be able to say thank you. So let me take a moment now and say Thank you. Thank you, for taking the time to get educated in a role that will make a difference in our community.

Tonight you sit at the end of the beginning.

So much growth, time, dedication and education passed to get you to this night.  Such an exciting time as you step into your next role, begin a new chapter and embrace your future. What wisdom can I offer?  I may have a nugget or two to pass along.

The grown up in me wants to remind you to never spend more than you make and no matter what buy contents insurance.

But more importantly I want you to:

Howl at the moon.  While it is fun to throw back your head and let a howl loose that’s not exactly what I mean.  I want you to embrace your passions and share that enthusiasm with the people around you. The fearless abandoned that still has great intent that is exemplified in a wolf howl at the full moon. Hold that spirit inside you and let it rip daily as you step forward into your next adventure.

Grow YOU. Already you have come so far after making the decision to pursue a career and get the required education here at Sprott Shaw. Know that the YOU of today is not the YOU of tomorrow and that is okay. You are special, you are on fire and you have learned so much, but the road ahead of you will continue to mould you along the way. Your foundation is strong which means it’s time to stretch. Listen to your mentors, listen to your peers, listen to the person that drives you crazy – and grow.

The most exciting thing about the end of the beginning is that it is the beginning of the middle.

Choose today how you are going to walk through your professional life. Will you be posting on facebook about what a pain in the butt Monday’s are and how you can’t wait till Friday?  Or will Monday’s be a day, while perhaps not easy to roll out of bed, will still be met with joy for the work week ahead because this is what you trained for  and what you choose.

If the time comes that your feet stop hitting the floor with enthusiasm for the day or week ahead remember you can choose to grow YOU. Make a change and embrace a new adventure ahead, your success here at Sprott Shaw has already taught you that your capacity to learn is more than enough.

Crappy things are going to happen; divorce, job loss, health issues, it will be hard and frustrating. Those moments can define you. Again choose to grow you. Reframe your world and find a way. Somewhere in the dark I promise there will be a light. If you can’t find that light, find someone with a lighter.. or at least a flashlight to help you find the way.

One of the great things about education, no matter what course you are in, is that it opens you to the concept that someone with great skill or knowledge is available to pass that information on to you. Please know the same goes for day to day life and no matter how proficient you become there is always someone that can teach you something that will make life easier for you.

Asking for help, more tools in the toolbox, and support is never a bad idea.

So remember:

Don’t spend more then you make

Always have insurance

Howl at the Moon

Grow you

Choose your outlook

And find a flashlight

One last thing to carry with you..  as Walk The Moon likes to remind us.. sometimes; you just need to Shut up and dance.


Workout Wednesday ~ Nothing but snow

January 07, 2015

Workout Wednesday 

A new feature where we highlight some of the great things in the fitness industry and my training as I work towards being a competitive powerlifter again. 

Did you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you had to shovel.. and shovel .. and shovel during what felt like a never ending snow storm?

You are not alone and as the snow stopped and the temperature rose the shovelling continued!

Have you heard the term Heart Attack Snow? You might want to read more about it.. you can find a good article ~ HERE

For many (myself included) this was way more exercise in one sitting than had been done in awhile. Good on you for getting it done, but getting out of bed, doing up your shoes or sitting down might be a bit of chore for the next couple days as your muscles let out a collective O*&^GH^% at your behaviour.

Best plan for recovery besides the couch and an adult bevy.. pop a couple anti inflammatories and stretch.

I hate stretching. I truly do. I get bored and annoyed within seconds but truth is, it works.

I popped into Aspire Health and Performance where I have started my training to get back into powerlifting again to find 3 stretches to share with you that should make a difference.

Andrew LoCurto is my trainer, I asked him to demo 3 stretches that should do the trick.

I call this one: The Melting Snowman

This one: Andrew the Awkward Snow Angel

This one: The Snowball Thrust

Here is a great article with some solid tips on snow shovelling, which hopefully you will NOT need again this year in Kelowna.  HERE

I sure hope this helps!! Next Wednesday I will share with you how my training lead me to being trapped in a change room at The Bay in an incredibly embarrassing situation.

Seriously. Pure. Panic.

For more information on Andrew and the crew please click here: Aspire Health and Performance ~ Stop Working Out. Start training. 

Alphabet Backwards

April 24, 2014

What happens when; you are home.. you are unemployed.. and you are bored? I discovered that the World Record holder can recite the alphabet backwards in just over 2 seconds, so I figured, why not try it myself! I cheated, I have it written in front of me.. and I still can’t do it that fast!!

Take a look:



Time to move on to more productive things.. like finding work!

Dream ~ Earworm alert!

November 29, 2013

I love the creative spirit!

As much as I can be a bit of a hard ass when it comes to the difference between a “goal” and a “dream” I can certainly celebrate inspiration. Lisette Xavier is suppling that in droves in her latest song and video “Dream.”

Sometimes you need the one, two three punches.. you have to hear.. see.. and feel that other people are reaching for big things that perhaps not everyone else believe in. It can give you courage to go for it as well.

Lisette celebrated 3 different artists in her video for “Dream.”

Sean Priddle is the sculptor.

Laura Herrera is the painter.


Sarah Dolan is the dancer.

The  4th wonderful talent in the video is Lisette. While she purposefully did not include her self visually in the video.. she is still felt in  every second.

I will warn you right now this is one of those songs with a chorus that quickly turns into an ear worm.. I am still humming along!

Here is the video.. enjoy!–_Oq2U

Share.. share.. and share again!

September 16, 2013

Busy day in internet land! I was going to blog about my powerlifting meet on the weekend.. but that will just have to wait because I have happy things to share!

Let’s start with this:

Yup. You are awesome.

Yup. You are awesome.


I realize that it is totally uncool, unproductive and will do nothing but create weak people in our society to acknowledge that we are all awesome in one way or another, but dangnabit we are!


And… here is a wonderful lesson, that is well done and may cause a few tears:

… and just for fun the next time I have the urge to get in the “is there a God or not” debate, I will direct myself and others to this little gem:

“Just Don’t Be a Dick!”