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Bruises, Tears and Smiles

June 04, 2019

Saturday was my first really tough day in the Tour de Victoria training clinic with Trek Procity.

I promised you an honest account of my training for the big day, so if you are thinking about it and wondering what it’s REALLY like you would know.

  • Cry count: 1.5
  • Fall count: 2
  • Thinking I should quit: 0
  • Moment of pride: 3

Saturday was our first hill and the hill of choice was Gonzales Hill (Observatory Hill) we rode there from Trek on Catherine Street. I started the ride by falling over in the parking lot. Yup, before we even set out I managed to tip over. Everyone had gone but Bill (from Trek) who usually rides in the back of the pack to make sure we are all safe and no one gets left behind.. needless to say I spend a fair amount of time with Bill.

UGH. Here I am, on the ground, Bill asking if I am okay and me trying not to burst into tears out of pure embarrassment. Deep breath, take a beat, tell Bill I am fine (having no idea if I really am) and back on my bike to catch up with the group.

I know I have to calm down my brain so I can calm down the rest of me to not freak out on this ride, and I actually do a pretty good job of that.

Off we go!

And go.. and go,, and up some hills.. across some roads.. around some construction.. up more hills.. over a bridge.. The warm up is feeling like the training at this point and by the time we arrive at the bottom of Gonzales Hill I admit to being a little shook.

In the distance I see the group waiting for my arrival, and I am happy to be joining them.. wait.. I have to stop … wait .. WHAT Sidewalk.. NOT STOPPING.. PANIC PANIC PANIC.

I would say I fell “off” my bike, but when you are clipped in, and don’t get unclipped intime, you don’t “fall off,” you fall OVER with the bike still attached.

Good news: The group was in shock as I SLOWLY tipped over and hit the ground, as they said it was confusing to watch because it was actually pretty graceful and they didn’t fully comprehend that I was going to hit the ground.  I did.

Everyone confirmed I was okay, and in good spirits.. after which picture were taken. Please see evidence below.. where someone on my Instagram pointed out that one of the pictures looked like a piece of 3D chalk art you often see from a street artist. That’s right – I’m ART!

Still to come.. I meet an angel, I attempt the hill, and what happens if one foot clips in and the other doesn’t.. and you do it anyway.

Training Log #2 – Team sports at 50

May 29, 2019

Wondering about getting your kids into soccer, hockey, or baseball?

Do it.

Not because you expect them to become great athletes, but because it will give them the basics of how to work in a team.

It’s not natural to be learning this at 50.

I think that is what has me on edge the most; not the fact that the 100K Tour de Victoria course seems to be uphill both ways, but that you ride it as a group working together to get it done as efficiently as possible. The thought that someone will be relying on me is terrifying. I can deal with my own physical short comings, but the thought that I might hold someone else back makes me itch.  

 Good news: The clinic I am doing with Trek Victoria is with a fantastic group of people and even with my screaming insecurities I am am having fun and find myself smiling and laughing more than trying to hide. 

My XL Life

May 19, 2019

I am back on a bike! 70 pounds heavier and 10 years older than the last time, but I am back.

Goal: Tour De Victoria — Chosen Distance: 100k

Tour De Victoria is not a race, it is a tour of one of the most beautiful places in the world to ride, it has 7 distances available and is a timed ride. I will have some big hills to deal with and need to learn the art of riding as a group, not something I ever did in my triathlon days.

So I apply a lesson I learned long ago and use regularly, find people that know what they are doing and let them teach you!

The team at Trek Victoria has stepped up to make sure I will not only know what I am doing but that I have the fitness required and have as much fun as possible.

Susan Secret: I have NEVER played a team sport. I am 50 years old and have been pretty much a solo act when it comes to my sporting endeavours because the thought of someone having to depend on me, or me on someone to get the job done is terrifying! I had NO idea how much team work was going to be part of this ride.

So here we go.

First up, I need the gear! This beauty is the Trek Checkpoint AL3. Perfect starter for my needs!

I also needed something to wear.. everyone said bib shorts are the way to go.. so I did. I am posting this for all you ladies that have walked into a bike shop and turned and ran the other way because it feels like the only people who belong are a quarter of your size and you SO don’t belong. You DO and the chances are good that the staff is ready to help you find what will work for you.

Shoes and helmet also required and taken care of.. heads up they have a new fastener system for helmets now that keep you from clipping your chin.. but until you figure it out you are trapped in your helmet.

I also wanted to go for a ride before my first official ride with the Tour De Victoria clinic, so I recruited a few friends. Big thanks to Richard and Laura Cook who are wonderful examples of people who love to ride and are more than happy to share that joy with an inexperienced rider like me!

I’m so impressed Laura could take this picture while riding!

So here we go! Wanna come along for the ride? You can literally or figuratively! Sign up at Tour De Victoria for the distance of your choice or just check back here for updates on my progress!

Look who turned 49!

March 21, 2018


So much of this list in one picture!

I am calling 49 my “good-bye” year as I gear up to say “hello” to 50 and all that this stage of life has to offer!

So I made a list.

This list is the top 49 lessons of the last 49 years. I didn’t include a few big ones like learning to walk, potty training and speech.. but they are kind of a given, mind you learning to spell anything longer than the word “cat” was fairly monumental in my life.

Anyhoo.. here we go!

#1. Laser Hair Removal. If you want to be hairless it is 100% worth it.

#2. Buy clothes that fit. Seriously, don’t even worry about that stupid number, just buy what fits, it looks better and you will be more comfortable.

#3. Cry with yourself, but have a time limit. We all need a pity party now and then, watch those tears pour down your face and have a good melt down, then move on.

#4. Love Fearlessly. It’s the only way. It will lead to hurt so bad you want to rip your heart out, but big picture totally worth it.

#5. Learn now to manage your money and learn young.  Start HERE

#6. Compliment often. Strangers, coworkers, friends, lovers! If they say, wear, do, create something you like – tell them.

#7. Say Hi to strangers. Everyday.

#8. Live for someone else, even if it’s just for a moment.

#9. Be clear in what you want, in life, love and professionally.

#10. Do the work.

#11. Celebrate the smallest of victories both professionally and personally.

#12. Be true to you but gut check often and listen to what others are saying both verbally and non verbally.

#13. Learn to shut up.

#14. Sometimes it’s okay to be totally unreasonably. Just don’t make it a habit and accept the repercussions.

#15. Ask.

#16. Praise publicly.

#17. Correct privately.

#18. Make mistakes – and own them.

#19. Find the best. Watch, ask, mimic, move on.

#20. See their faults. Accept them.

#21. Be kind, when it’s the last thing you want to do.

#22. Happy thoughts – you control your mind. (thanks Bob)

#23. Listen to all – Decide for yourself

#24. Respect hierarchy but don’t let it hold you back.

#25. Find your tribe. Love your tribe. Know it will change.

#26. Have a “go to” outfit (casual / dressy / professional)

#27. Have a “go to” fancy and comfort food meal.

#28. Quit smoking. Seriously. Shut up and quit smoking.

#29. Have an up to date passport.

#30. Cut ties. Family, friends, professional contacts. If you have to, do it. Do it simply, professionally, and with class but move on.

#31. Ask Questions. If you don’t get the knowledge you need ask different questions or ask different people. Don’t stop.

#32. Be solution driven.

#33. Try it.

#34. Make sure that person is okay. The person crying in the bathroom stall, the person that hopefully is sleeping on the park bench, the person that just seems off..

#35. Learn to speak hypothetical.

#36. Social media isn’t the enemy. The way you use it is.

#37. Apologies.

#38. What goes around comes around — sometime YOU are the come around.

#39. Lose with class.

#40. It’s not all about you and that’s okay.

#41. Help when you can and sometimes when you don’t think you can.

#42. Seek help when you need it, and do it quickly.

#43.  The only person that defines your success is you. Understand this is a blessing and a curse.

#44. You will change. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

#45. Laugh.

#46. Do what scares you – on your own time.

#47. Leave when unhappy. Do not stay in a marriage, work situation or place that makes you fundamentally miserable, Before you leave be confident you tried to make it work.

#48.Laugh at yourself. You’re funny.

#49. Give ALL the F&C@s. The world is worth you caring.


It seems like a good idea..

November 26, 2016

It’s happened.

That thing so many of us talks about… What YOU would do if you were the boss.

Holy crap. I’m the boss.

Come the spring I will be the new Program Director at Q103.1 (as long as I don’t do anything too too horrible) This means I am in the process of hiring a new team.



I have said it and agreed with it a quizillion times. The concept that you should hire people smarter than you and be the best manager of their smarts as you can.

Lots of smart people agree with this idea!

As former Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously said “it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

“Hire people who are smarter than you! In doing so, you prevent limiting the organization to the level of your own ability—and you grow the capabilities of your company.” Kauffman reportedly stated before his death. “If you hire people you consider smarter than you, you are more likely to listen to their thoughts and ideas, and this is the best way to expand on your own capabilities and build the strength of your company.”

“Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people … or find a different room.” Michael Dell

“Greatness starts with the humility to hire people who are much smarter than you.”Guy Kawasaki

I will now let you in on a secret. This concept is easy to say, even somewhat easy to do in the hiring process, but day to day managing of that concept I can see being a challenge for someone who has finally stepped into a position they have wanted for years.

Cue maturity. <—- Whatttttttttttttt???

Turns out that I will be a better manager today than I would of been 15 years ago when I first wanted a program directors job, not only because of how much I have learned about radio in the last 15 years, but more so because of how much I have learned about myself and personalities like mine.  15 years ago I liked to talk about managers hiring people “smarter” than they were but I never once thought about what it would mean to hire and manage a team that is smarter than you.. what does that actually look like?

I am about to find out, because that is exactly what I am doing. It is thrilling and terrifying all at the same time.

Stick with me, it’s going to be a fun and sometimes bumpy ride.




Ten Good Things That Happened (So Far) This Year

November 12, 2016

Ten Good Things That Happened This Year

Someone posted a huge list of GOOD things that have happened in the world this year.  So if you’re sick of all the negativity, here are ten things from the list that are pretty amazing . . .

1.  Scientists may have found the gene responsible for ALS.  And funding for the study came from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

2.  We figured out a new stem-cell therapy that can halt the effects of Multiple Sclerosis.

3.  In March, 800 hostages were rescued from the terror group Boko Haram in Nigeria.

4.  Solar panels in California started producing enough electricity to power six million homes, which is a new record.  And a solar-powered plane flew around the world.

5.  Back in July, volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in less than 24 hours.

6.  The number of wild tigers, manatees, and giant pandas is up.

7.  Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an OSCAR for “The Revenant”.  Obviously not everyone thinks he deserved it, but most people do.

8.  Starbucks all over the country started donating their unsold food to food banks.

9.  The hole in the ozone layer finally started healing itself.  Scientists have been waiting for it to happen since we banned certain chemicals in aerosols 30 years ago.

10.  We’re closer to helping paralyzed people walk again.  Just this week, scientists in Switzerland said they used a brain implant to help a paralyzed monkey walk again.  (Buzzfeed)

(Check out the full list here.)

I really need to stick to a schedule…

April 15, 2016