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Rocks in that jelly!

November 15, 2016




Fat loss is such a pain in the ass. I have tackled this issue head on and hired some help for the process. At this point in involves weekly measurments with calipers – oh joy. I tend to make small jokes while this delightful process is on the go. Today while the calipers were clasped on my ample belly I made a seasonal joke that it shook like a bowl full of jelly. The quick retort fro the woman wielding the hot dog tongs with teeth was; “only if the bowl of jelly has rocks in it, there is some serious muscle in there!”

So while my ego is generally not pleased with the whole fatty mess.. it did get a happy little pat.





Surfing For Smiles 2015 The Day After

September 14, 2015

It’s the next day and I have a wake surf hangover.

I hurt. I am tired.

I am so very very happy!

Fund-raising for Surfing For Smiles 2015 in support of Kids Care will wrap up at the end of September.

When that happens I will post a full video more pictures and an extensive list of thank you’s!

Right now I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has been there from the beginning!

Kevin Isabey and Rayburns Marine, Alexandra and Lake Okanagan Reality, Kate and Posh Jewelry, the team at Aspire Health and Performance, my partner in crime at Q103.1 John Stone and of course my partner in love Steve Weckstrom!

We have reached the initially goal of $10,000 and are hoping that by the end of the month we will be closer to $15,000!

The wonderful people at Bijou Skin Health Care are donating partial proceeds of all treatments and product until the end of the month and the Kelowna JCI’s are holding the Foot Golf open on September 25th which will be a blast!!

You can also still donate on line (yes you will get a tax receipt) just text: SURF to 250-868-1031 for the link.. or click —> HERE

Here I am arriving in Penticton after 8 and a half hours behind the boat!



When good hair goes bad!

June 03, 2015

I seem to have a bit of a love hate relationship with box jumps.

They kill me.

I look graceful as a wart hog in a tutu determined to dance swan lake.

It sure ain’t pretty – but it is so much fun!

I have already written about some basic box jump confusion – For A Thigh Clapping Good Time

But this week things took a turn for a dramatic when my own body attacked!!

I am in the process of doing 50 box jumps ( not super high – 12 inches) when I start to get a stabbing pain in my eye!


A myriad of things go through my exhausted brain. Nerve pain? Perhaps I am jarring my eyeball with every heavy footed landing? Should I stop? Should I seek help? Is my eyeball going to fall out? What is going on!?!

Turns out; It’s my pony tail. I kid you not.

It took me 2 more jumps to evaluate and figure out.

With every jump my pony tail was flipping over my head and the ends of my hair were stabbing me in my eyeball.

Obviously the answer was clear.

I needed to invest in goggles for my next set of box jumps. Luckily I had some in my gym bag!

Okay… or I could just adjust my pony tail into that strange pineapple shaped thing that us long haired folk do at the gym when we mean business. 😉

pineapple hair


Problem solved!

A quick shout out today to Torri Gej who encouraged me to keep posting my adventures at Aspire Health and Performance as it is helping her keep her butt in gear as well! Thanks Torri! Also a big high five to #HusbandSteve and Lisa Breland who have been tackling the Aspire Training Camps on Monday evenings! They are just weeks away from starting the next set if you want to join them!



Training on a holiday.

May 19, 2015

So many people said; “Come on! It’s a stat, take a day off!”

Why did I get up early and make sure I trained before getting in my day of fun on the lake? A few reasons…

A couple weeks ago I pounded out 2.5 hours a day on a stationary bike, 5 days in a row.


It was really hard.


But I did it.

Following that my “off day” training was also increased and really pushed the limits of what I thought I could do. My coach Andrew LoCurto at Aspire Health and Performance has been true to his word and gives what he gets. I push myself hard and he in turn pushes me harder and at the same time provides a safety net to make sure I remain uninjured and motivated. Why would I dishonour that hard work by taking a day off that I didn’t need? Trust me, rest days are important, but rest days do not always coincide with the Queen’s birthday!


These pictures may not be the most flattering of me, but they are the real. People need to know that the time you put in is hard, sweaty, and tough, but so worth it. If you walk away from your time training with your make up intact and no need for a shower, it might be time to reevaluate.

Plus I respect Andrew and what he is doing for me far too much to take a day off when he is ready, willing and able to train me.

If you are looking for some training, check out the “training camps” that Aspire is offering! They have a bunch of different ones, the price is right and it might open the door to a whole new outlook on what your body can do, and the benefits that come from taking time everyday that is solely dedicated to being the best you can.

I can’t wait to see you at Aspire!


For a thigh clapping good time

April 22, 2015

I promised a frank account of my experiences getting back into the shape I want to be in.

Some of it isn’t pretty but it is pretty funny.

thigh clap

That little cartoon always made me giggle, but I never thought it actually happens. I know we have all felt like it was about to happen… but to actually happen?? Nooooo…

Training leads to all sorts of fun body sounds. Pops, snaps, cracks and the classic Pfffffffft…

Try not to let it freak you out, anyone who has spend anytime moving their body, never mid pushing it to extremes, has experienced an unexpected soundtrack. Gym etiquette says you either ignore what has happened and those around you will do the same, or acknowledge it with a laugh.. and move on.

Trust me, as a powerlifter, max lift day can create a virtual symphony.

Back to the thigh clap.

I am innocently enough pushing through box jumps when I hear a strange sound. I ignore it and move on. I am working hard, really hard, I hear it again! Perhaps Andrew is just cheering me on. He can be very encouraging, but that didn’t seem right. The sounds continues. With every jump I hear the usual thud of my feet, scream of my lungs, and gasp of wonderment that I am still upright and not lying injured on the floor. Yet.. something is different.

OMG. The momentum and effort was causing my THIGHS TO CLAP TOGETHER.

In my earlier years this delightful experience would of led to tears, shame and horror.

Happily I am older and wiser.

First I clarified with trainer Andrew that I was indeed hearing this sound.

I was.

Following that I clarify that he isn’t traumatized.

He wasn’t.

Cue the laughter ~ and more box jumps.

Ready to start the journey for a healthier you?

Stop Working Out. Start Training. Join me at Aspire Health and Performance.


BTW: Never google thigh clap.. just don’t do it.

Dear friend afraid of failing

April 16, 2015

Dear friend afraid of failing,

First let me say. I love you. You are fierce and strong, determined and beautiful! You have made a choice to do a few thing differently in your life with the final outcome being a happier and healthier you. You know HOW, you just have to start.

You confessed to me that you are afraid to start, because you are afraid that you will fail, again.

I hear you loud and clear! That fear haunts us all in one way or another. This fear impacts all aspects of life but because you have set your sites on eating healthier and sweating more let’s focus on that.

People love to say “feel the fear and do it anyway.” I agree, but sometimes I think what you need to do is “honour” the fear. Acknowledge that your fear is simply a defense mechanism your soul is using to keep you safe.


Take the time to look at the fear, pick it up and shake it! What is it really saying? When you say “fear of failure” do you mean fear that you won’t make your goals, that people won’t support you, that perhaps your goals are not achievable within the time frame you have laid out?

Consider that you are not afraid of failure but afraid to admit, that you are not ready yet to make the changes required to reach your goals.

Once you are clear on what your fear is, it will be easier to tackle.

Know this one simple truth. If you seek help from a professional on how to reach your goal, and you do what the professional says. You will reach your goal. There will be bumps in the road and adjustments to be made, but if you do what you need to, It will work.

Truthful “fear of failure” in this regard is such a broad statement. My biggest fear on my health journey is fear that I won’t value myself long term enough to make the right choices in the short term. I just keep repeating to myself that “it” matters; Why? Because “I” matter.

My friend, that is what you need to remember to beat this fear. YOU matter. Even if you are at a stage of life when you feel like you don’t matter to anyone in your world, there is one person that you matter to always.. YOU. Past, present and future YOU. YOU all matter.

Extra reading.

I’m going head to head with my fears about getting back on track health wise and hitting goals in the powerlifting world at Aspire Health and Performance. If you are looking for an expert to help you I highly encourage you to contact them and find out more. Stop Working Out. Start Training.

Psssst… You also matter to ME. Very much. xx

Susan vs a Troll Doll

April 02, 2015

I promised a blog full of reality as I worked towards my health goals. Seriously, I appreciate all the healthy smiley people on fitness blogs but sometimes you just want to know you are not alone when it hurts, not alone when you have sweat in places you didn’t know could produce sweat, not alone when you wonder if you are going to be able to keep going!

The answer is; you are not alone, at the very least, you have moi!

Sweat face vs Troll

That sweaty face is only 20 minutes into a 60 meeting training session at Aspire Health and Performance, and as pointed out by a friend, does bear a resemblance to a troll doll. The comparison made me laugh, which I appreciated, and really that shade of blue hair might be fun one day.

If you are feeling out of place and uncomfortable in your journey, or the fear of that is holding you back, please understand that you are not alone. I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of people at the gym, climbing the mountain or doing any athletic thing have felt the exact same way. I hope that thought helps you get through the struggle. It does help me.

If you are keeping track of the food you are eating, always a good idea when getting on the right track health wise (the more data the better) I would suggest using an app, this one is simple and easy to use — > My Food Journal

Need any extra support? Feel free to leave a message below and we can work together to stay on track!


Stop Working Out. Start Training. Find out more at Aspire Health and Performance