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Whoa.. it’s been awhile!

December 07, 2015

Wait… What?!? I haven’t updated this blog since the end of October?

Cray – Cray!

Okay.. in brief here is what is going on.


Back at Aspire after being sick and working my buns off. Fat loss is still a struggle but everything else is awesome, including the people I train with daily.  Get a jump start on your New Year Resolutions and call today!! They even have a new nutritional program available! Aspire Health and Performance is so great!

Started going to Valeo Health Clinic (Shout out to Dr. Shannon Snow!) to figure out what is going on with my knee and hip and we seem to be making gains!

Please note: going to people that truly know what they are doing makes a HUGE difference. DO IT! 


Ratings came out and we continue to grow our numbers at Q103.1 (Yippee!)Susan and John

I can fit into clothes at stores that don’t carry plus sizes and got the sweetest little Christmas party dress, and a pair of hot boots.          dress

So know that we are all caught up, a quick head’s up; annually I do a “Holiday Shopping Blog” usually it starts December 1. Obviously I am running behind, I promise to get it started tomorrow!

Until that time I leave you with some Christmas cheer! Love this family that makes up a dance every year…

That’s one way to keep busy!



All The Beauty Of Fall!

October 13, 2015

What fun!!

Posh Jewellery is a big supporter of The Q103.1 Big Breakfast with Susan Knight and John Stone and recently she let me loose on the Pandora charms to create a fall themed bracelet.

What fun!!

Here is my beauty! The thinking behind it was my favourite colours of fall along with traditional things like wine, Thanksgiving, leaves, apples, back to school, sparkling candles, twinkling stars on crisp nights and family all wrapped around your wrist to wear with jeans, sweaters and boots or on a fabulous date night at Waterfront Wines!

Fall beauty round corners


Heart clasp bracelet with….

Wise Owl, Shimmering Blossom, Fascinating Orange, Forever Pandora, Signature Heart Ruby, Red Hot Love, Maple Leaf, Inner Radiance, Vino, Red Pavé Apple, Twinkling Night Clip, Ring Cluster, Many Thanks, Coral Looking Glass, Sparkling Leaves, Angelic Feathers, Mystic Floral, Wind Clip.

Go in and see Kate at Posh today and ask to see Susan Knight’s fall beauty!


Full price to purchase as is: $1,422.40 tax in / or you can purchase the pieces separately


Christmas Countdown Hottest Gift of 2014

December 08, 2014

What Really??

I found out this weekend what gift has been selling out and has people scrambling to find for under the tree…

I admit.. it’s a bit of a head shaker..

selfie stick


That is a “selfie stick” while I may mock the whole idea, it is pretty handy for group shots and other creative fun ideas. Plus if you have a friend that is selfie crazy it’s a homourus gag gift.  The girl at the kiosk in the mall said the demand has been simply insane and they keep reordering as they sell out over and over and over.. for 40 bucks you to can have a selfie stick.. FYI: They come in a selection of fun colours!


Onto something a little more refined…


I popped into POSH over the weekend to find some Pandora charms for under the tree and found Pyrrha pendants. #sostunning All the rage with celebrities at the moment, but Kate knew 10 years ago when she first started carring the line that is was something pretty special!



This handcrafted talisman necklace reads ‘Fortem Posce Animum’ in Latin, which means ‘Courage to Challenge Life’. The hand holding the laurel leaves symbolizes the spirit’s triumph over adversity.

So many different pieces for him or her with touchstone design and meaning. If you are looking for a super special meaningful gift.. this could be it!

Christmas Countdown

December 01, 2014

The Christmas Countdown continues with fun gift ideas from both end of the budget! I LOVE this concept.. it’s art and it’s personal! DNA11 is a super cool company that takes your DNA, fingerprints or lip prints and turns it into art! Even better, it’s a Canadian company!


How much fun would it be to stake out your side of the bed with a DNA print?

Check out the company online — HERE 


On to the other side of the budget, but still a spectacular gift!

I recently discovered Oh! The Post. Based out of Kelowna Laura turns postage stamps of the past into jewelry. Pendants and ear rings that feature stamps from around the world and across the ages! You can even specify a country and year which Laura with cross check and show you what is available!

stamp artCheck out her Etsy store for many many many ideas and get some serious shopping done!


Favourite Things 2014

November 26, 2014

Its become a bit of a tradition, leading up to Christmas I indulge and share with you some of my favourite gift ideas; yes, this was inspired by a slightly bigger celebrity than I.  This year when I post I am going to share 2 ideas on different ends of the budget spectrum.

On the upper end of the budget, but money well spent…

While many people remember Tarzan Dan as a voice on the radio, perhaps even from his days when we worked together as The Breakfast Club in Kelowna, or a TV personality counting down the hits on YTV, Dan also has a passion for photography. He specializes in dance photography and has started to garner some serious attention in the field, so much so that his work is featured on a line of bags from Totem Bags. If you have a dancer in your life, or someone that just loves everything ballet this is for you!

dan dance bag


Take a look at the full line of bags ——  HERE

BTW: You can still find Dan on the radio in Calgary at KOOL FM

From the lower end of the budget…

Give Santa a hand with stocking stuffers, I swear by this smiling face! It seems crazy but this is the best pot scrubber ever! It softens in hot water and hardens in cold plus it offers scratch free scrubbing! You can find it at Home Outfitters and most other places that sell kitchen stuff and it’s under $10.00.

2014-11-25 19.19.10Another excellent feature, your fingers fit perfectly in the eyeballs!

Day 25 ~ Christmas Countdown of My Favourite Things!

December 25, 2013


I have mentioned a time or two about my Uncle Gordon. This is my Dad’s younger brother and he has had a crazy year, a year in which we didn’t think he was going to see the end of! Uncle Gordon desperatly needed a new liver and for many different reasons it didn’t look like it was going to happen but when he was very close to the end of his darkest hour… a liver was found! His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous!! The toxins have left his blood stream and his eyes have regained their sparkle and his quick wit is back! The great news for us is that he is writing again!

So for Day 25.. the last day of my Christmas Countdown I give you:

The Plight Before Christmas! Written by my Uncle, Gordon Kirkland.


From the Back Cover
Combine 1 impending Christmas, 1 massive blizzard and 1 overly anxious ten-year-old boy. Add several holiday calamities and disasters. Garnish with laughter. Serve warm in award-winning author Gordon Kirkland’s tale of one magical holiday season.

Gordon Kirkland is the award-winning and best-selling author of six collections of humorous essays, and one other full-length novel. He is noted for creating quirky and endearing characters, and for his focus on the fun and foibles of everyday life.
You can find the entire collection at the Gordon Kirkland Book Store!
I can’t wait to read what he has in store for us next!

Day 23 ~ 24 Countdown to Christmas of my Favourite Things

December 24, 2013

Day 23

I am a big fan of “fake it till you make it” sometimes you just need to try to keep yourself in a good frame of mind.. this hoodie should help, plus it will make people around you smile as well!



It also happens to be 30% off. Check out all the great products at Peace Love World!


Day 24

Wow. There is so much here that is awesome! The Photojojo store has everything from jewellery to phone accessories and mugs!

mug lense