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Dear Kelowna

June 25, 2014

Well hello Kelowna!

I have waited almost a month to write this blog. I wanted to really settle in and try to find the right words. This move to Kelowna is a first for me.

I can hear what some of you are thinking… Ummmm.. Susan, what do you mean.. you lived in Kelowna for almost 7 years.. you were part of a number 1 morning show in Kelowna.. pretty sure you have “done this” before.

You are correct. That isn’t what I mean.

What is new is that in all my moves, this is the first place I have ever moved back to!

I have always been a “keep on moving forward” kinda gal. Sometimes it didn’t work out for me, but forward momentum has always been my friend.  I have always associated a move “back” anywhere as a sign of failure, of not trying hard enough, taking the road of a coward.

Obviously I needed to think about this a bit more because my move “back” to Kelowna didn’t feel like any of things things. What had I missed?

I was not running back with my tail between my legs after not surviving the big city, I was returning with my head held high with stories of the fabulous place I had been, and the realization of the many things I had missed about Kelowna whilst there.

Believe it or not weather isn’t on the top of that list. (The lake was close to the top.)  Kelowna had found it’s way into that piece of my soul that sigh’s ” home…. “

How had that happened? I am a radio nomad! Where ever I hang my hat is home! That is still true. I firmly believe that you can love and prosper where ever you land with the right attitude.


I have circles of friends.

One that has basically become family, the people that truly love me for who I am, welts and all.

One circle of close friends that I don’t need to see or talk to everyday but who have my back and in turn I have theirs no matter what.

One circle that is made up of acquaintances that make me smile on a regular bases and who’s well being I care about even if our paths don’t cross everyday.

One circle of people who listen to me on the radio. This one is tricky, some of these people I have never met. Yet I care. I truly do. I love the stories that are shared with me both happy and sad, I love helping find the lost pet and pass on word about that awesome fundraiser. I love to make you giggle before you hit snooze and roll out of bed. I love knowing that even if we have never spoken in the traditional ways, we communicate everyday and on a very special level we are part of each others lives.

Those circles are strongest for me in Kelowna.

As I made the trip from Calgary to Kelowna and was just driving into the city passing the airport

This came on:


I had to pull over because I was crying so hard. My darling Kelowna, I had no idea that you had set up inside my heart and soul  just waiting for me to come home so you could, say hello, give me a hug and ask about my adventures.


Thank you. xx


P.S. If you want to hang out you can find me up bright and early on Q103 (103.1 on your radio) 5:30 to 10AM. It’s a new address to find me at. I hope you will visit!

Susan Knight Q103


Dear Calgary

May 20, 2014

Dear Calgary,

I loved you before I knew you.

Something captured my imagination when I was a kid growing up in Ontario; when I moved to B.C. and drove through Calgary I knew one day I would be back, and just when I thought it wasn’t ever going to happen it did. My Calgary dream came true.

But.. it’s time to say Good Bye.

I take with me memories of amazing people with a phenomenal sense of community, a skyscape that looks like it belongs in a movie, and the joy of a spring day that bellows in on a Chinook, just days, sometimes hours after being blasted by a bitter prairie cold.

The shopping! Just a by product of a province that is booming. The energy of new ideas and spirit of success can be felt in Calgary with every crane in the downtown core and sprawling new mansion in a sea of already existing massive homes. Good bye to a mayor that can represent Calgary to the world with dignity and a sense of humour.

So many new friends, many I would like to have the time to get to know better and watch our friendships blossom into a place where the words “remember when..” mean something special.

I say good bye to your glorious sunshine, long days and big sky. Good bye to fabulous theatre, public art and world class restaurants. Good bye to places that filled my childhood imagination including Canadian Olympic Park, Spruce Meadows and Stampede.

It hurts my heart to say good bye.


With every good bye comes a hello… and my next hello is a very special one.

Good Bye




Alphabet Backwards

April 24, 2014

What happens when; you are home.. you are unemployed.. and you are bored? I discovered that the World Record holder can recite the alphabet backwards in just over 2 seconds, so I figured, why not try it myself! I cheated, I have it written in front of me.. and I still can’t do it that fast!!

Take a look:



Time to move on to more productive things.. like finding work!

She’s Back!

July 18, 2013

So moving to a new city and just trying to continue with life as if nothing major has happened, doesn’t really work. Who knew? Something had to give and it turned out it was my blog. The good news is that my break from blogging allowed me to get some “life” things done and reflect on what I wanted to do with this blog and how I wanted my “online” presence to look! I am really happy with my new webpage;thank you Simply Elaborate!

So what is going to be going on here?

The usually knight blather.. I am tackling some life change as I get closer to my 45th birthday so expected some blogs about that, the usually adventures from rides in aerobatic planes to scaling down large building, my life as a powerlifetr, fun in radio land, retail therapy, book recommendations and most likely the odd rant or two.. or three..

I do want to share with you some of the amazing blogs that I come across that seem to resonate with me. I will call this feature Best Blog! I am going to kick it off with two “Best Blogs” because I just couldn’t decide which one to share first.

Best Blog #1: 5 Things parents need to stop saying to non-parents. I could blog about this, but why when someone else has done a good job. The only one I would of added to the list would be, “You never truly understand love unil you have had a child.” Really? Thanks asshat, I guess I will never “truly” understand love, thanks for pointing that out.

Best Blog #2:  Is Being Really Lean Really Worth It?   As a powerlifter this really hit home.

I am going to do the best I can to update the blog at least once a week.. and hoping to usually average about 3. Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

Today I leave you with this cat video. You are only 30 seconds away from a chuckle…



An Epic Christmas Adventure!

January 02, 2013

Originally this Christmas Steve and I were going to be in Kelowna for a friends wedding, the wedding date was changed and we both had time off so another plan was hatched, this plan involved a road trip, to Ontario!

We only had so many days and we wanted to be at my sisters for Christmas Eve and stay to celebrate my Dad’s 70th birthday so we traveled to London Ontario thru the States and drove non stop, the trip home was done through Ontario and we stopped to sleep every night.

My sister is one of the hardest people to surprise in the world. I wasn’t sure of we would be able to do it. Here’s how the trip to London went…

Hour 4. Post Snow Storm.

What! Dog River!!

Border has been crossed. I think.

Day Light! I also seem to be a bit confused.

It’s an Oasis!


Crossing the state line!

Woot Woot! Heading back into Canada!

Has my sister figured it out?

We have arrived…

Here we go…. did we pull it off?

We did it! The Trip back home to Calgary through Canada was amazing! Northern Ontario (while HUGE) is just beautiful! The only trouble spot was when we ended up on a ditch about 100K outside Calgary… yours truly was driving a bit too fast for the conditions. A lovely family from Saskatchewan stopped and had a tow strap and a big truck that popped our little car out no problem!

Merry Christmas! 🙂



Savoury Adzuki Bean and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie (52NEW #6)

November 15, 2012

I promised to share a few of the recipes I am trying this week… The first one is; Savoury Adzuki Bean and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie! You can find it in the Whole Life Nutrtion Cookbook. I strongly recommend this cookbook to anyone that is moving their diet towards “whole foods” and “clean eating.”

Here is what it looked like:

One small problem.. it was eaten very quickly and I didn’t get the picture taken fast enough. It is pretty on a plate, especially next to the spinach salad because of the yams used on top.

Here is the recipe:

Serves 4 to 6

1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 medium onion

1 to 2 teaspoons of dried thyme

1 teaspoon dried oregano

4 carrots, chopped

4 celery stalks, chopped

3 cups chopped cremini mushrooms

2 cups water

1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley

4 cups cooked Adzuki beans

Sea salt and ground pepper to taste


3 large yams peeled and cut into large chunks

1/4 cup butter

sea salt to taste

Preheat oven to 375.

Heat a large 11 inch skillet over medium heat. Add olive oil and onions and sauté until soft, about 5 minutes. Add dried herbs, carrots, celery, and mushrooms. Saute for another 5 to 7 minutes or until vegetables are tender but not soft.

Add water, chopped parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Add beans and mix well. Simmer for a few minutes and then pour into an oiled casserole dish.

While vegetables are sautéing, place yams into a pot, cover with water and boil for about 10 minutes or until yams are soft and cooked through.  Drain off most of the water, reserving some.

Place the yams in a mixing bowl, add butter and salt; beat with electric mixture until light and fluffy, adding any reserve water if necessary. Spoon the topping onto the bean and veggie mixture, spreading it out as you go with the back of a spoon.

Bake for 35 minutes.


How to get seeds out of the pomegranate! (52NEW 4&5)

November 13, 2012

I have smoothies daily and now that I am really focused on “whole foods” they are made from scratch. One of these smoothies has pomegranate seeds in it.. and traditionally I make one big mess. So I went in search of ways to do it better. I found two that seemed worth a shot.

The first try involves a bowl of water… here is how it turned out.

or… how about following natures outlined:


Good luck!

BTW: If interested the smoothie is from the Thrive Diet..

Put the following in a blender and blend away.

1 banana

1 date

2 cups cold water ( or 1.5 water and 1 ice)

Seeds from one pomegranate

1 tbsp ground flexseed

1 tbsp hemp protein

1 tbsp hemp oil

1/2 tsp cayenne