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Want to not only be happier but also thrive? Learn to be more resilient. Dr. Lucy Hone is a world-renowned expert on resiliency and offers three secrets of resilient people. 1. Know that suffering is part of life. This doesn’t mean resilient people go so far as to welcome it in — they are not delusional. However, when the tough […]


Drunk Susan likes to SING!

Usually what I like to sing is show tunes, and on a really good night my DH gets to hear almost the entire score from “Fiddler on The Roof!” Truthfully there is also usually a quick trip into Joesph and FAME. He is going to be THRILLED, okay maybe not as thrilled as I, to learn that MGM is developing […]


Bruises, Tears and Smiles

Saturday was my first really tough day in the Tour de Victoria training clinic with Trek Procity. I promised you an honest account of my training for the big day, so if you are thinking about it and wondering what it’s REALLY like you would know. Cry count: 1.5 Fall count: 2 Thinking I should quit: 0 Moment of pride: […]


Training Log #2 – Team sports at 50

Wondering about getting your kids into soccer, hockey, or baseball? Do it. Not because you expect them to become great athletes, but because it will give them the basics of how to work in a team. It’s not natural to be learning this at 50. I think that is what has me on edge the most; not the fact that […]


My XL Life

I am back on a bike! 70 pounds heavier and 10 years older than the last time, but I am back. Goal: Tour De Victoria — Chosen Distance: 100k Tour De Victoria is not a race, it is a tour of one of the most beautiful places in the world to ride, it has 7 distances available and is a […]


No more secrets

I was spoiled on my 49th birthday in the most lovely way! Robin Farrell who does the morning show on Ocean 98.5 arrange a surprise trip to MD Esthetics (who she endorses) so I could have some treatments as a birthday gift, plus get started on a fantastic skin care plan. It wasn’t about desperately trying to look younger, it […]