My name is Susan Knight, and I like to chat.

Many know me as that voice on the radio with the crazy laugh. Some people know me as the person who took the extra time to make sure they were OK, while others know me as the person who motivated them on to the next “big” thing, or put them in touch with a person or business that helped them find success. However you have come to know me, you probably haven’t forgotten me.

So what keeps me busy?

Most people probably know me best as ‘Susan Knight the radio personality’. My radio background includes CKSY-FM 95 in Chatham Ontario, Mountain FM in Squamish/Whistler, KOOL FM in Victoria, one of the morning voices at 99.9 SUN FM in Kelowna and recently the afternoon drive host at 97.7 Up! in Calgary. My passion for radio has allowed me to not only be a voice on the air but has also allowed me opportunites holding positions including Promotions Director, Music Director, Copy Writer, and Assistant Program Director.

The personal stuff…

I like to stay busy. Join me in my never ending adventures! I will blog, vlog, chat about, and post my experiences to Facebook and Twitter as I live life to the fullest! I believe that the key to surviving the tough times is to have a mind that is always ready to move forward, learn new things, and be willing to adapt. I will be “putting my money where my mouth is!”

The really personal stuff…

Birthday: Longer ago than you may think (it’s in March)

Eye colour: Funky – one has a birthmark so I have the illusion of two different coloured eyes.

Height: Not much

Pets: Two dogs

School: Many. (They kept asking me to leave!) Graduated from Fanshawe College in Radio Broadcasting

Sport: Powerlifting, and wake surfing

Music: All of it. Especially if it’s loud and sing-a-long’able!

Love of my life: Steve

Did you really read all of this? Wow… thank-you!