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Archives during: April 2014

Alphabet Backwards

What happens when; you are home.. you are unemployed.. and you are bored? I discovered that the World Record holder can recite the alphabet backwards in just over 2 seconds, so I figured, why not try it myself! I cheated, I have it written in front of me.. and I still can’t do it that fast!! Take a look:   […]


Book Review Times Two!

It took me FOREVER to finish this book.   It’s embarrassing because most people just LOVED it! People I consider “well read” declared it brilliant and people who rarely pick up a book found it fascinating! At first brush I loved the concept: The critically acclaimed author of The Radleys shares a clever, heartwarming, and darkly insightful novel  about an alien who […]


Let them eat SOUP!

Some days you just know that you have flat out over indulged. You want to keep things in check… but you also know it’s important to eat and let’s face it; even if you stuffed your self at lunch chances are good around dinner you are still thinking about eating. My friend Karla sent me this great recipe for a […]