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Come on be happy!

January 14, 2014

Yup I am bilingual.

I speak english and I speak another language fluently that drives much of my friends and family insane; hypothetical.

That’s right. Hypothetical.

…a concept that is not yet verified but that if true would explain certain facts or phenomena…

Learning to speak this language gave me a wonderful gift. It gave me a way to escape from my brain and work on those empathy muscles.

Here is an example. You pull into a full parking lots and see this:

Parking gone wrong

Most people seem to think a few things off the top. Starting with:

What an inconsiderate ass! I am going to take a picture and spread it far and wide so everyone knows that horrible people like this are alive and are so selfish that they think they can  just do what they want when they want!

That might be the case.

or.. you can also speak hypothetical, which could take you down another path. Such as:

Oh No! I hope that person is OK! Obviously they are so distraught over something that they didn’t behave in a proper manner! Perhaps a family member is sick or has passed away…


Yikes! That person didn’t park very responsibly.. I wonder if they had to go to the bathroom REALLY badly and had reached the breaking point and just had to make a run for it?

Truly the person might be an ass, but perhaps not. I know what I would prefer to believe and that belief allows me to go through my day without my ego getting all riled about about something I can do nothing about. Thus making me a happier person!

You can apply this to many things. People’s driving skills, unbalanced family members, the rude lady in the coffee line or coworkers that seem to have a huge chip on their shoulder.

I admit sometimes I falter, but on the whole this approach allows me to live a happier life and helps me automatically think the best of people.

Give it a try for a month and see if it helps you be a happier person!


Well hello 2014.. here is what I pledge to you

January 01, 2014

Resolutions are a pain in the butt.

I know plenty of people who say yearly resolutions don’t work or doing them once a year is a set up for failure, but I don’t think so. I think we tend to attack them in ginormous chunks, so either our resolutions are too broad with no specific goals;

Example: In 2014 I will lose weight!

or we have specific goals that are not manageable:

Example: In 2014 I will lose 200 pounds!

I enjoy setting and reaching goals, and I LOVE having a plan to do them. A plan makes the impossible possible! These big “resolutions” I don’t do at the beginning of the year. I start thinking about them around this time and they often turn into something, but as my specific New Years Resolution? No.

A couple of years ago I approached this whole resolution thing differently. I went small. Really small.

2 years ago I resolved to wear ear rings every day. BOOM Success! 90% of the time my ears are adorn with jewellery and are happy.

Silly face with Ear Rings

Last year I resolved to keep my finger nails painted, by me and not paying someone else to do it. BOOM Success! This one actually was a bit harder but 90% of the year my nails looked respectable and I was pleased.

Green is my favourite

Green is my favourite

This year will still be a small goal, but a bit tougher again. I resolve to drink the 4L of water a day I need to in order to have happy hydrated powerlifting muscles and keep all my systems running as they should!

Drink Me

Drink Me

Yes all these resolutions are small but they are manageable and doable on a day to day basis. Life throws you curve balls and the BIG plans falter and get pushed aside, but a small daily goal can often be the one piece of success in an other wise horrific day. That one tiny success can often be what keeps you moving towards the bigger goals, reminds you that you CAN that you WILL that you ARE putting all the pieces together one baby step at a time.

10 years ago I went through a horrific experience that left me emotionally destroyed.  My steps out of that and back into a functioning person happened fairly quickly. At the time I had other friends going through similar things that didn’t fair as well in the recovery process. People often inquire how I did it. The answer to that is long and had many facets but one of the things that helped immensely was small doable daily goals. Some days those goals were as simple as rearranging the cutlery drawer or buying new perfume but they  reminded me that I could do something, successfully.  This is where the idea of the smaller New Year Resolution was born.

This year I challenge you to a simple resolution. Something that you want to do, that always nags in the back of your mind but you never make the time. Something you know is doable.  Give yourself that success and enjoy it all year.

Happy New Year! All the best in 2014!