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Today I was naked with a sex bomb.

October 30, 2013

Change rooms can be intimidating. Change rooms at a gym that trains elite athletes from a variety of different sports even more so. At The Athlete Factory I have shared the change room with swimmers, tennis players, figure skaters, golfers, yogi’s, rugby players and fitness models. Including this super sexy woman:

Meet Deanne Greff Wbff Pro



About the only thing our sports have in common is that we both lift weights. Her success comes from how her body is sculpted and looks to the judges. In my sport success comes from how much weight I lift and if I hit certain bench marks while doing it. What we have in common is that we both work very hard at what we are doing and make sacrifices to make it happen.

Let me show you another picture of this hottie:


Now picture standing in a change room.


With this woman standing next to you.

It happened.


Even better it was in front of a mirror.

Here is a quick reminder of what I look like:

Suddenly the most amazing thing happened. I looked up as we were chatting and saw us both in that mirror; no shame, no unease, no embarrassment. Yes I was larger and my breast are losing their fight with gravity, but my body is strong, my curves hit in the right spots and my posture is excellent. Plus my very sexy friend certainly didn’t care, she was enjoying having a friend to talk with about the cold weather and her work out that she was heading into.

I have been making a point of reinforcing my thoughts that we are a truly beautiful in our own way over the last year, and it has slowly graduated from “talking the talk” to “walking the walk.” I made small adjustments in my thinking. I was kinder to myself when I looked in the mirror. I made a point of expressing my discomfort at the hilarity people found making fun of how others appeared no matter how outrageous. I tried to keep “top of mind” that I am not aware of anyone’s physical appearance journey and the challenges they have faced.

These changes seem to be working. Will I continue to evolve to hit my goals both physically and emotionally. Yes. It isn’t that hard to stop speaking out loud in judgment, it is hard to stop thinking it.

Progress is being made; and such joy at hitting this moment in my emotional growth.

The day I almost shoved someone’s phone up there well defined ass.

October 26, 2013

So I do cardio in the mornings at my little gym at the condo. I walk up a hill and read a book on my iPad, it keeps me focused, moving and helps pass the time without me going crazy. (Currently I am reading ” The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer.)

It can be a fascinating space. No music piped in, people come and go at different levels of fitness and dedication. Usually people keep to themselves and respect each others personal space. It almost has a meditative feel to it. It’s a great way to start my day.


I am treading away on the mill when this woman arrives, I vaguely hear her arrive; you almost sense more then see another person joining you in that space. I am aware it’s a woman and she is doing bicep curls. (At this point I always want to shout, “I’m not just fat, I am a powerlifter, I can squat a million pounds” but that is a blog on insecurities for another time.) Suddenly I become very aware of her.


At first I think she is just getting her earbuds organized and my meditative silence space will return.


She is listening to music on her phone. She has that horrible tinny sound cranked as much as she can while she stares in the mirror with a fierce look on her face. I have 20 minutes to go on my uphill climb and try to refocus on my book.


The music isn’t bad, but the disrespectfulness of it just infuriates me. She didn’t even say, “hey, do you mind if I turn on some tunes?” To which I probable would of said, “sure go right ahead.” It isn’t the sound that is blocking my focus, it is the rudeness. I could of ask her to turn down the music or turn it off, but honesty I don’t think that would of helped my focus.

I ended up cutting my walk short and perhaps mumbled something under my breath as I left (which she wouldn’t of heard over the tinny iphone beat) I spent the elevator ride back up thinking about a weight dropping on her foot.

Really this is on me. I let someone else’s behaviour effect what I needed to do.

Someday’s that is just how it goes..

Figuring out basic gym etiquette is pretty straight forward, just ask yourself; how will what I am doing effect everyone else, and care about the answer.

Perhaps I should of just tried this:


This is a solid list to take a look at if you need more info. #20 is a big one. If you can pick up the weight you can put it down. A little control is a good thing! –> Gym Etiquette



That dream of yours? Not gonna happen.

October 18, 2013

This blog is the outcome of too many inspirational quotes posted on facebook and from reading too many cheesy motivational speaker blogs.

Where would the world be without dreamers? Follow your dream, that is the way to true happiness! Even Walt Disney said; “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Hey, I’m not going to mess with Walt, but are we talking about dreams or goals? Could they be the same thing?

NOPE. A dream and goal are different. Both are valuable and important to living life to it’s fullest and being a happy you. A goal has a plan, steps are being taken, and the process has begun. A dream is just that, a “dream” perhaps you could even call it a “wish” or a “hope” but it currently has no action attached to it. For that “dream” to happen it will require a small miracle or a broad stroke of luck because you sure aren’t doing anything to make it closer to reality for you or it flat out might be impossible.


WHAT NO! Say it isn’t so Susan!

How can you say a dream can be impossible..

Example: I would love to be 5’4 in flats without surgery.  This would involve dreaming the impossible dream.

Do I think you should stop dreaming? NO! There is more to life then setting up goals that you recognize as achievable with step by step planning. Dreams are the seed, the beginning, the hope for something more.

What I think you should do is stop whining. I have also had my share of pity parties, but when you hear the same people say over and over.. “It’s just a dream.. Sigh…” I want to climb on a soap box and deliver this message:

Make it a goal. If you can’t make it goal and this unfulfilled dream is pulling you down, let it go.

Life evolves and changes so will your dreams. Some become goals, goals that might even launch bigger dreams until they to become goals. Sometimes in the act of turning a dream into a goal you discover your “dream” is bigger or smaller or totally different than what you originally dreamt.

Example: I wanted to back squat 3 plates. I thought it looked bad ass on the bar and it would be over 300 lbs which seemed like an impossibility.  I let that “dream” percolate in the back of my head. I told my trainer, she told me it was doable. I nodded and said great, but wasn’t ready to move it from “dream” to “goal” at that point. As we trained it became apparent that it was goal material. As that fish bowl exploded other dreams took place of the one that became a goal. Currently on the cusp of a dream moving into goal is the 400lb backsquat.

As we grow into ourselves we discover we can be more than we ever originally thought possible. As a child I dreamt of riding at Spruce Meadows, accepting an Oscar and singing the blues that brought a crowd to their feet. These “dreams” didn’t happen for me, I still hold them dear but they grew and changed as I did. I have set records as a powerlifter, become a major market radio personality, and have owned a motorcycle and a boat. All part of my shifting dreams that became goals.

We can’t allow dreams to define who we are for the good or the bad.

What can define you is the effort you put into being the person you want to be.

 Further reading that didn’t make me want to toss my inspirational cookies:  Rowdy Kittens , Road To Epic and because often goals involve getting a handle on cash flow this blog offers insight and tools: Squawkfox.


I found a Tommy Europe and some really cool fitness wear!

October 14, 2013

I keep talking about finding my “style.”  I have gotten older, and my personality has shifted, yet I have a clearer vision of what that “style” might be. Pulling it from my mind and into my closet does seem to be an issue… These thoughts have been bouncing around in my brain for awhile.. and BOOM I see an invitation in my in box to the new Reebok Fithub that opened at CrossIron Mills. Obviously it wasn’t my gym wardrobe that needs the biggest overhaul, but it seems like a good place to start. I went, did some shopping and had fun, I even met Tommy Europe!


Tommy Europe!

Tommy Europe!

Reebok has embraced the latest fitness trends with these FitHubs including Dance/Zumba, yoga  and Crossfit. The colours are bold and workout attire no longer feels like the only place they belong is in a gym. They have shirts that fight stink (awesome if you layer) and the 4 way stretch is a good good thing. I usually avoid “fitness” wear from (rhymes with woo woo) as I am not a tiny girl and my sport (powerlifting) isn’t really about long and lean so I need work out wear that an athlete can wear which involves the shirts fitting comfortably over my biceps without looking like a tent on the rest of me. I found exactly that at the Reebok Fithub. The design of the fithubs are pretty cool, they look and feel like a gym and you are encouraged to “try before you buy” so you can take your potential new gear through it’s paces and make sure it will work for you. They even have free fitness classes and a community desk with different fitness information.

The staff have backgrounds in sport and can answer questions from an honest place of understanding, I had some tough questions about the “lifting” shoes and they hunted down the answers I needed.  Nothing is more impressive then someone who has the confidence to say, “I’m not sure, let me find out” and they do.

A couple SUPER cool things at the Fithub.

#1. The “Endless Aisle” if for some bizzare reasonthey don’t have what you are looking for in store you head over to the iPad station and shop the endless aisle and choose from an extended line not offered in stores.

#2.  “Your Reebok.”  You can design your own footwear! Customize colour combo’s of shoes, add names and slogans! Great idea for teams big or small. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to have the shoes shipped to the store, but the whole idea is off the charts on the cool meter!

Reebok Shopping Spree!

My only complaints…

#1. I love the crossfit line, but I don’t love crossfit so I would feel awkward wearing clothes with have crossfit written all over it.  (If you are a crossfit fan you will LOVE this line, really comfortable and super cute!)

#2. The tights just don’t work on someone with short legs who has large quads/hamstrings and a booty worth shakin’. (But finding tights for those legs is basically impossible anywhere.)




Twitter: @ReebokCanada  #livewithfire

Facebook: Reebok


Turducken or bust!

October 09, 2013

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays! 

While it has a lot of tradition associated with it the holiday feels more fluid without the same intense pressure of Christmas.  As a radio personality much of my adult life has been spent working this holiday and being surrounded by Thanksgiving orphans.  Wherever I was in life the door was always open for anyone to join in the fun. I will never forget the turkey I made in Sudbury, I misjudged how big a bird we needed (for some reason I thought a turkey weighed more frozen ~ not my finest hour) I let it thaw as long as I could.. not realizing it was still so frozen that when I cleaned out the inside I couldn’t find the gizzards, I figured they just weren’t inside.. so I stuffed the bird and cooked it.. and when I took the stuffing out.. along with it came the bag of organs. I guess there had been a wall of ice blocking them in. Good news, the turkey was great and I have been left with a forever memory to share. I have many other stories from flaming potato guns, to malfunctioning deep friers and too much wine consumption.

The last couple years of Thanksgivings have been a touch low key. We have been going through a bunch of transition in our home and life which made our usual haphazard but fun Thanksgiving a little too haphazard for even us to handle.



We have decided to make it a drop in/open house this year.

Starting in the early afternoon our doors will be open with the raclette on and wine flowing. Dinner will be in the oven and our friends who are around when it is done will be welcome to join us. To honour the return of my Thanksgiving heart we decided to try something different. Roasting in the oven for dinner will be a Turducken!

The people from Echelon Foods came by the station so we could try one, and it was outstanding! I am pretty sure it’s the duck that keeps everything crazy moist and makes it taste just divine! Check this out:


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

I came, I saw, I lifted and I didn’t poop my pants.

October 08, 2013

This weekend was the “Urban Athletic Games” (Formarly Calgary Festival of Strength) It’s a fun event, this year they had Crossfit, Strongman and Powerlifting going at the same time. It’s loud, fun, and you have to dodge protein induced flatulence which while disgusting can also lead to massive giggles.

I was pretty nervous going in. I had only been lifting heavy for 2 weeks after rehabbing a knee injury (kneehabbing ~ Thanks Chris for that) and had done a meet that didn’t go so well a few weeks back.

Time to focus and get things done…

It started with some fun.. This is Robyn Homans, myself and Lesley Unger doing our “powerlifting babes meet BayWatch” Slo-Mo impersonation.


… and back to the main event!

First up was the back squat!

Heaviest lift completed: 145KG / 319.5LBS

What I learned:

1. If I worry about pooping my pants I don’t get proper depth. Which I proved in my second lift.

2. You can see the “whites” of my eyes. The poor head judge! He watches head on and had the perfect view as I crossed my eyes so hard it looked like I was possessed.

2013-10-05 19.00.37

Next Up Bench Press!

Heaviest lift complete: 70KG /154.2LBS

What I learned:

1. Taking a lift from the gym (where I can do 180lbs) to the competition platform can be tough.

2. See # 1.


Final of the 3 lift: Deadlift!

Heavist lift completed: 150 KG / 330LBS

What I learned:

1. Sometimes you are better not knowing. Michele bumped up the weight on me, and I had no idea how much I was lifting. She did warn me it would feel a bit “heavy.”

2. Remember what I said about my eyes in the Back Squat? It appears I do it when I Dead as well.. but at least I also close them so it isn’t as freaky!


I was also reminded that I have a wonderful crew of people supporting me. It turned out that they need an extra hand with spotters so DH Steve was on the platform with me when I did the best back squat I have ever done and having my trainer from The Athlete Factory, Michele Helmeczi give up her Saturday night to keep me focused and performing my best was also amazing.


Susan & Michele


I am one lucky powerlifter. In the process I also met some new ladies in powerlifting that are super excited to be lifting and watched some other ladies make big jumps in their numbers! What a great night!