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Looking for how to avoid embarrassment in a micro mini and found so much more…

May 29, 2012

I was doing some research looking for a stylist to talk to on air when I have fashion thoughts and questions and was checking out Kim Flanagan, she seems to be pretty awesome.. I haven’t talked with her yet but was clicking through her website and found this:

… reading Kelly Kutrone’s,“If You Have To Cry, Take It Outside.” (working on bringing her here…) and it confirmed the idea of Church my Style, It was crazy. Crazy awesome. Here’s why: Quote from the book.

“I’m asking you to start the church of you. I want you to refuse to pray or play at places that won’t let you speak or where your gender has no power. Or, fine, if you really have to go to these places, go with the intention of transforming them. I want you to fearlessly pursue your dreams and your destiny, conscious that you are not what you do, listening to your inner voice, refusing to let superficial things define you, asking yourself the hard questions about what you believe and what will serve, fighting the fears in your own mind, and finally, loving other women in the process.”

WOW. Just. WOW. I will say it again. WOW. That passage really resonated with me. Maybe it will for you to. I’ve got your back sister, go for it!

Food for this week…

May 28, 2012

Basically I am looking at 541g of carbs in a day and 118 g of Protein. Here is how that breaks down for food on Monday.. and a basic plan for the rest of the week with some shifting around on lifting days.

Meal 1:   117 g of carbs / 24.7g of Protein

2cups of oatmeal

1 Banana

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds

1/2 Cup Blueberries

and an apple!

Meal 2: (Smoothie) 96.12 grams of Carbs / 26.1 g of protein

2 cups Almond Milk (I screwed up this week and it isn’t unsweetend)

1 Banana

1/2 Cup Blueberries

1 egg

1 tablespoon Chia Seeds

Package of  Vega Sport

and a pear!

Meal 3: 112g of carbs / 32 g of Protein



Meal 4: 91 g of carbs / 22.5 g of protein

Tuna Salad


Meal 5 117g of carbs / 14 g of protein





Yummiest Oatmeal ever 🙂


Love this quote from Audrey, and love this picture from a great day!

May 25, 2012

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”
― Audrey Hepburn

Unbreakable, yup that’s my trainer.

May 21, 2012

… and further to yesterday’s post.  At The Athlete Factory I get to work out with a variety of different athletes, I watch figure skaters, sprinters, basketball, rugby, hockey and football players, bobsleders and even body builders! It’s pretty amazing to watch the different body types and what they do to meet there goals. It’s neat to see the strongest in different sports all share similar attitudes and basic exercises… I often get to see the trainers.. training trainers.. that is fun 🙂

The trainer that works with a lot of the bodybuilders had a competition called “Unbreakable” a bunch of his “girls” were put through a gruelling couple of hours.. all of them were amazing.. my trainer who is a rugby player joined in the fun.. and guess who won?

No quick fix just healthy and happy.. and strong. Very Very strong.

May 20, 2012

Here’s the deal. Weight is an issue in my family. That’s just the way it is. I have lost a lot of weight over the last 10 years and have kept most of it off, but I have a never ending battle with about 50 pounds. I am now powerlifting competitively and want to be in a certain weight class and be as strong as I can.. plus I want to be strong and healthy as I get further away from what people refer to as “youth.”

No more fads.. No more quick fixes. Just science and long term goals for me.

When my trainer told me my eating plan, which is much heavier in crabs then anything I have ever done I thought she was crazy, but I kept my mouth shut and listened.. and took some time to really think on it. Two things came up that are important.

#1. Nothing else has worked for me.. so why keep doing what doesn’t work?

#2. It was very similar to a plan that the only other qualified nutritionist I have ever spoken to gave me.

#3. The reoccurring lesson in my life tends to revolve around patience.

Yes that’s 3 but the last one just came to me.. and I must stick with this and let it run it’s course.

and for good measure here is a 4th.. no one likes to go against the “grain” and must people that are focused on dropping weight would think this is INSANE. I must remember that my focus isn’t dropping weight.. it’s being strong and healthy both competitively and for many years to come.

Basically I am eating 5 meals a day with each meal being 24g of protein and 108g of carbs. ( 118g of protein and 541g for the entire day) Drinking lots of water and sticking with healthy fats. (FYI: It is slightly different on lifting days)

Here is how a day of meals will look…

Meal 1:                    Carbs                    Protein

Oatmeal with goodies and a Apple on the side

2 cups Oatmeal       50g                          11g

1 oz Pecans            5g                            2.6g

Banana                   29g                           1g

Chia Seeds              6g                             10g

Apple                       21g                          1.7g

Totals:  112g Carbs / 27g Protein

Meal 2:                        Carbs                      Protein

Smoothie Susie Style! (plus a pear)

2 cups Almond Milk       2g                           2g

1 Banana                      29g                         1g

1c Blueberries               21g                         2g

1 egg                            1.12g                       12.6g

1 tbs Chia Seeds            6 g                          10g

Vega Sport                      16g                         0g

Pear                                25g                        .5g

Totals:                         100.12                     28.1g

Meal 3:                         Carbs                      Protein

Salmon and side

85g Salmon                       0g                            16g

2 cups Root veggies          108g                        5g

Totals:                               108g                         21g

Meal 4:                               Carbs                       Protein

Quick .. Easy.. Yummy!

55g Tuna                                0g                                 11g

1 c Brown Rice                     86g                                10g

Salsa                                       7g                                   1.5g

Totals:                                    93g                                22.5g

Meal 5:                                   Carbs                             Protein

Pasta a plenty!

4 oz GF Pasta:                           84g                                8g

1 cp Red pepper:                       3g                                    1g

1/2 cp zuccini                            4g                                  2g

1/2 cp onions                             7g                                 1g

1 cp mushrooms                        8g                                  2g

Apple                                            21g                                1.7g

Total:                                       127g                                 15.7g

If you are looking for help with your fitness/sport goals I highly recommend checking in with the great people at The Athlete Factory!